Dar ul Irfan – The center of Gnosticism

Dar ul Irfan – Center of Sufism and Self Discovery

The Institute of Higher learning of the Self with prescribed Spiritual practices and meditations to gain inner peace and self learning of the human self. To discover the zenith of human understanding by balancing the material and spiritual pursuits of human being.
Excessive pursuit of materialism has left a void among humans, therefore a need to fill in the spiritual aspect of humans lead to learning of the soul and embarking on the journey of self discovery; to come face to face with Raw Truth. Experience the spirituality themselves. Feel the inner bliss and learn the secrets of real human being.
Prescribed spiritual practices and meditations accompanied by association with mystics unfold the inner truths of the real human being; the soul. A knowledge not found in books, speeches or elegantly put big words. A knowledge of direct tasting. A knowledge transferred from heart to heart ; soul to soul.
To start the journey of spiritual awakening and self understanding. To blissful days!

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