Lata‘if ( Spiritual Organs)

A human being is the combination of five elements: fire, air, water, clay and the Nafs, latter being the product of the combination of the first four. Though, these five elements constitute the human body, yet (by themselves) they cannot be called a ‘human being’. In the opinion of research scholars the word ‘human being’ will mean the Rooh (human spirit / soul), because until the Rooh is inspired into a body, it is not called a human being. Similarly, when the Rooh departs from the body, it is called a dead body or corpse but not a human being. The Rooh is from the ‘Aalam-e Amr (the Realm of Command). Basically, there are two Realms: 1.‘Aalam-e Khalq (the Realm of Creation): other than the Divine Being, it includes everything (the entire creation). 2.‘Aalam-e Amr (the Realm of Command): it is above the Realm of Creation and begins where the upper limit of creation ends. All of creation is destined to Fana (extinction, end); it is not eternal. Whereas, Amr (Command) is one of the Divine Attributes and is Eternal, non-transient. The Rooh is from the ‘Aalam-e Amr and so are its five Lata‘if (akin to the organs of the body). Hence the Qalb, Rooh, Sirri, Khaffi and Akhfa, all these five Lata‘if are from the ‘Aalam-e Amr. A human being is thus a combination of ten elements.

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