The First Latifah Qalb (Heart)

The Qalb (Heart) is the first Latifah (Spiritual Organ), it is a Divine subtlety placed inside the heart. On it descends the beneficence from Hadhrat Adam-as and the colour of its lights is yellow. This is the Latifah (Spiritual Organ) that governs. Here desires originate, needs arise and from here instructions are transmitted to the brain for their fulfillment, which in turn deputes the entire body for their accomplishment. Along with these qualities, it possesses yet another attribute, that if it accepts the Faith, it can become the centre of Divine Lights and can attain excellence in worldly affairs by obeying the Divine Commands and following the teachings of the Prophets -as. The accomplishment of his Akhirah (the next world) is based on this foundation. This subtlety is placed inside the Qalb (Heart). Allah-swt has granted man the right to accept or reject the Faith. Many external factors also influence this decision. The foremost factor is Rizq (livelihood, earnings, food, provisions), that he should avoid unlawful Rizq. Then it is the company that he keeps and the environment in which he has been brought up. However, regardless of any of this, the real decision is his to make. If he is lucky to accept Faith, all evil effects are washed away and he embarks upon a new and pleasant phase of life. Mere verbal acceptance of Iman (the Faith) is not enough; confirmation by the Qalb (Heart) is essential for it. This confirmation illuminates the Latifah Qalb (Heart) and it starts shining. A ray of light emanating from the Qalb (Heart) of the Holy Prophet-saaws connects to his Qalb (Heart) and thus his Iman-filled Qalb (Heart) establishes a connection with the noble Qalb (Heart) of the Holy Prophet-saaws. Thereafter, pious company and Halaal (lawful) Rizq strengthen his adherence to the Shari‘ah. However, if he finds the company of an accomplished Shaikh (Spiritual Teacher) , with just one look by the Shaikh (Spiritual Teacher) , he becomes so strong that his capacity to adhere to the Shari‘ah is enhanced and his practical life is reformed. This is what Tasawwuf (Sufism) is! Tasawwuf (Sufism) does not denote trickery. On the contrary, it signifies the attainment of high (spiritual) stations and consequently the reformation of conduct and achievement of Taqwa (piety). The foundation of all this excellence is the Latifah Qalb (Heart). This is also the sign of an accomplished Shaikh (Spiritual Teacher) that the Qalb (Heart) is illuminated in his company, bringing about the reformation of one’s conduct.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

3 thoughts on “The First Latifah Qalb (Heart)

  1. My own faith differs from yours. The Bible teaches that man’s heart is corrupt. However, the Lord promises believers, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh” (Ezekiel 36: 26). Christians are not promised a pleasant life, in exchange for faith. Rather, we are taught that God can bring us through trials and even use them to improve our character. Wishing you well, A. ❤

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