The First Latifah, Qalb (Heart) – Exposition

This is located within the same lump of flesh that supplies blood to the whole body. It is a Divine Subtlety that belongs to the Realm of Command. Hazrat Adam-as‟s lights descend on it from the first Heaven and are yellow in colour. Among the Prophets-as, the Holy Prophet-saws is the Imam al-Anbiya (the Leader of the Prophets), while the rest are either Prophets or Messengers or the Ool-ul Azm (The Exalted Ones), and they are five: Hazrat Adam-as, Hazrat Nooh-as, Hazrat Ibraheem-as, Hazrat Musa-as, and Hazrat Isa-as , whose beneficence is received on the first four Lata‟if (Spiritual Organs). Each one of them has his individual qualities. As already mentioned, lights of Hazrat Adam-as descend from the first Heaven on the first Latifah, are yellow in colour and are the bearers of specific attributes. Firstly, as soon as he-as erred, he turned immediately to Allah-swt and was granted Divine Nearness. The illumination of this Latifah (Spiritual Organ) transfers the same realization, and one is granted sincere repentance and he supplicates in the Presence of (Divine) Truth for the forgiveness of every sin and for the grant of the capacity for obedience. Secondly, he-as received knowledge from Divine Presence. He taught Adam the names of all things. (Al Baqarah: 31). Hazrat Adam-as was taught the names of everything in the world: the names, properties, method of use, benefits and adverse effects of all things. Similarly a seeker receives competency or capacity to acquire knowledge, and he attains to a high status in whichever religious or worldly departments he strives in. Remember that no non-Muslim can compete with him in the intellectual or worldly sciences, while Deen, in any case, is the lot of the believer only. For this reason the basis of all modern knowledge is indebted to the research of Muslim scholars who were all Zakireen and Wali Allah (Friends of Divine Being). Today since we have relinquished this blessing, we have become subservient to the Kuffaar. It was Hazrat Adam-as, who began to cultivate the land and commence the use of herbs and metal (ore). Similarly, a seeker is blessed with proficiency in all these matters. Thirdly, he-as landed, in this world on a mountain in Sri Lanka, while Mother Hawwa (Eve) was in Arabia. For three hundred years he strove, journeyed and cried in supplication to Allah Kareem. How great a physical exertion, mental strain and heartache it must have involved! Eventually they were reunited at Arafat on the Jabl-e Rahmah (where a column exists even today) and this (union) initiated the procreation of the human race. Similar feelings are granted to the seeker also, in accordance with the capacity and sincerity of his quest, and he begins to exert effort in worship, becomes knowledgeable about worldly affairs and finds the courage to undertake the most cumbersome of tasks, all the while maintaining a strong bond with Allah-swt. He prays for help and guidance and asks forgiveness for all omissions and weaknesses as man‟s character is indeed strange: when he tastes the success of his effort, he becomes arrogant and says, „This achievement is mine!‟ But a person whose Qalb (Heart) is Zakir (Activated with Divine Lights) and attentive towards Allah Kareem remains safe from this malady and attributes his success to the blessing of Allah Kareem and is grateful to Him. He regards not only his success but also the courage and ability for the effort as grants from Allah Kareem, and this induces greater humility and a realization of his own inadequacy. Likewise, if man meets failure, then coupled with the displeasure in his reaction he also tries to blame fate, and thus in the guise of fate, he actually casts a blame on Allah-swt. In contrast, if the Qalb (Heart) is Zakir (Activated with Divine Lights), the effect is different: he is content with his personal effort but assumes that some of his weakness may have caused the failure, and even if his effort was complete, the result would certainly not have been favourable for him, because of which it was averted by his Master. He is convinced that he will be rewarded for his effort and hard work by Allah Kareem; so, even in failure he sees a degree of success and therefore never falls in despair nor loses hope. He regards his effort and labour as well as the peace and comfort, as grants from Allah-swt. Consequently, his life becomes serene and comfortable. It has been stated that no one will experience any grief in Jannah (Paradise); a faint reflection of this (blessing) is also found in the worldly lives of the Zakireen (Those who remember the Divine Being). The life in this world become enjoyable and the Hereafter is also ameliorated. When only the Qalb (Heart) becomes Zakir (Activated with Divine Lights), it is as if the gates of these countless blessings have been thrown opened to him, and he has reached a Grand Court where all around, every type of blessing awaits him. It is to be seen what he acquires from them. These are not mere words for speaking, but are deeds worth doing. How (great) this fistful of dust (man) can become, when those Divine Lights that descend on the Quloob (Hearts) of the Exalted Messengers, start affecting him. There may be other innumerable benefits, all of which I do not know, nor is it possible to write them here.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

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