The Second Latifah Rooh (Spiritual Organ)

When the Qalb (Heart) gets illuminated by the Tawajjuh (spiritual attention) of a Shaikh (Spiritual Teacher) , this light doesn’t confine itself to the Qalb (Heart) alone; it thereafter illuminates the second Latifah (Spiritual Organ) , which is called the Rooh. The colour of its lights is golden red. The Qalb (Heart) is the foundation of the connection between the Realm of Creation and the Realm of Command, and the Latifah Rooh (Spiritual Organ) is its manifestation. This Latifah (Spiritual Organ) is the connecting link between the body and the Rooh. The more and more it is illuminated, the greater will be the dominance of the spiritual needs over the material cravings and a person will incline towards lawful Rizq (Livelihood) and truthful speech. He would work for the betterment and the development of his Rooh (Soul) in addition to looking after his body. It is a strange relationship, because the elements of the body are material and dense in nature. Furthermore, being a creation, they are Fani (impermanent, temporary), whereas, the Rooh (Soul) is from the Realm of Command and is incorporeal and eternal. The Rooh (Soul) is not liable to Fana (extinction) because Command is a Divine Attribute, and His Being and Attributes will never be liable to Fana (extinction) . Now, how did this connection get established? This mystery is beyond the reach of human intellect. However, one thing is certain and that is, once established, this connection will never break. The Faidh (spiritual beneficence) of two Prophets, Hadhrat Nooh-as and Hadhrat Ibraheem-as descends on Latifah Rooh(Spiritual Organ) . Both of them were rock-solid in steadfastness. The distinction of Hadhrat Adam-as was that he was directly created by the Divine Being. Therefore, through his Tawajjuh, the Latifah Qalb (Heart) became the masterpiece of Divine Attributes. Similarly, when Latifah Rooh (Spiritual Organ) is illuminated, one becomes steadfast on what is right, whether one has to face the might of falsehood as that of Shaddad, or is thrown into the difficulties and problems of the likes of Nimrod’s inferno. Prophet Nooh-as preached for nine hundred and fifty years but very few people accepted Islam. The infidels ridiculed him and persecuted him for such a long time, but he continued to preach with unflinching determination. The results became manifest in accordance with his personal status, the disbelievers were ultimately destroyed by drowning and the human race began again from him. It signifies that a ‘man of truth’ stands by the truth in the most trying of circumstances. He doesn’t follow others, but his conduct inspires others to follow him.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

8 thoughts on “The Second Latifah Rooh (Spiritual Organ)

  1. Everything you are saying here is new to me. And yet, it is not. Recently, I have been trusting the knowledge that I know without knowing how I know. As I’ve done this, I’ve found that confirmation has been showing up without any seeking on my part. Your post falls in that category. Peace to you.

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