The Fourth Latifah Khaffi (Spiritual Organ)

The fourth Latifah is Khaffi (Spiritual Organ). The Faidh(Spiritual Blessings) of Hadhrat Isa(Jesus)-as descends on this Latifah (Spiritual Organ). ‘Khaffi’ means hidden and even more concealed and mysterious than ‘Sirr’(Spiritual Organ). There is a great mystery in his blessed personality and in his birth, because Allah-swt created him without a father. As well, his ability to speak immediately after his birth about Divine Greatness and about the events of this world and the next is a mystery, which cannot be explained by any one other than the Divine Being Himself. Similar is his ascension to the heavens in his prime youth and living a worldly life in the heavens. What a grand mystery! The body is physical, its requirements material, health and disease, comfort and discomfort are its distinctive characteristics, but it was granted a subtlety with which it can stay in the heavens! His bodily requirements were modified according to that world, but their essence is still retained, so when he-as returns to this world, he will still be possessing every physical attribute of the body. He-as will eat and drink, feel happiness and sorrow, experience comfort and discomfort, will even marry and after attaining Divine Communion through a natural death will be buried in the Raudha-e Athar. These are all deep mysteries, and anyone who receives a reflection thereof attains sure belief about the Akhirah(Hereafter), the Reckoning, Jannah(Paradise) and Jahannam(Hell). The lights of this Latifah(Spiritual Organ) are of a deep blue colour and further deepen the colour of adherence to the Shari‘ah in a Muslim’s life. Many deep and subtle mysteries unfold unto his Qalb(Heart) and cause him to perfect his faith.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

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