The Third Latifah Sirri (Spiritual Organ)

Sirri is the third Latifah(Spiritual Organ). Faidh(Spiritual Blessings) from Hadhrat Musa-as descends on it. The colour of its lights is white. The word ‘Sirr’ means secrets or mysteries. There are numerous mysteries associated with Prophet Musa-as, that include his upbringing in the house of the Pharaoh, when in order to kill him, he was killing thousands of children; his escape from Egypt and his reaching Prophet Shoaib-as , where he got a wife, children and home; his arrival at the Valley of Tuwa and the greatest of mysteries is the honour of his conversation with Allah-swt, how does a human body hear Divine Speech and how can the human intellect accept it as true? His hearing of the Personal Speech was not dependent upon his ears, it was heard by every cell of his blessed body. Hearing the Divine Speech induced a distinctive pleasure. If a normal person can experience ecstasy by listening to the compositions delivered in a melodious voice, can anyone imagine the impact of the Divine Speech? This taste and pleasure of hearing Divine Speech caused him to verbalise his uncontrollable longing to see Allah. How was this longing inspired? It was the effect of the Divine Speech. Therefore, when this Latifah(Spiritual Organ) is illuminated, the seeker, whose illuminated Latifah Qalb(Heart) had been filled with faith and trust in the Divine Being and whose illuminated Latifah Rooh(Spiritual Organ) has granted him unflinching resoluteness for Divine obedience, now starts longing for the pleasure of witnessing Allah. When the desire to witness Divine Beauty develops (in the Qalb)(Heart) , the lover cannot even think of something, that is against the liking and pleasure of the beloved, doing something against it is an even remoter possibility. However, these are practical experiences. One may write a thousand pages about them but only that seeker will be able to understand, who has been actually blessed with this wealth or even with a ray or a particle from this treasure.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

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