The Fifth Latifah Akhfa (Spiritual Organ)

The Fifth Latifah(Spiritual Organ) is Akhfa. As the name suggests, it is even more concealed than Khaffi. Beneficence from Hadhrat Muhammad-saaws descends on it and the colour of its lights is green. The sum total of the Treasure of Knowledge that has been granted or will be granted to those arriving before or after, the knowledge that has been granted to all the Prophets, all of that and as much more as Allah-swt desired, has been granted to the Holy Prophet-saaws. His-saaws personality has been declared as the ‘Mercy for the Universe’; therefore, the mysteries of Akhfa(Spiritual Organ) are correspondingly as deep and subtle and in it continue to flow oceans of mysteries, which saturate every Zakir(One who remembers the Divine Being) according to his capacity as per his sincerity and effort. As well, this Latifah(Spiritual Organ) overwhelms and illuminates the remaining four Lata‘if(Spiritual Organs) also. When Latifah Akhfa(Spiritual Organ) is illuminated, amazing mysteries are unfolded, which a person can only feel but cannot describe. Firstly, it is not within everyone’s ability to describe the feelings and secondly, people do not have the capacity to listen these secrets. When people do not possess the capacity to listen, then it is futile to expect them to understand. The seeker with this illuminated Latifah(Spiritual Organ) takes care of even minor acts that are normally overlooked, such as, not spitting in the direction of the Qiblah, taking care to put on the shoes or socks right foot first and remove them left foot first. How can such minor points draw attention in an environment, where people neglect even their five-time Fardh (obligatory) Salah? However, the realization of the increase and decrease of lights and feelings obliges a Zakir(One who remembers the Divine Being) to be mindful. Thus, by Allah’s Grace, he strives to abide by the Shari‘ah with his heart and soul, mind and body. It is no small achievement, because a lifetime of education and exposure to external knowledge cannot bestow that sincerity and resolve to a seeker, which are inspired by the illumination of the five Lata‘if(Spiritual Organs) by the Tawajjuh (Attention) of a Shaikh(Spritiual Teacher).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

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