The Sixth Latifah Nafs – Ego (Spiritual Organ)

The Nafs(Ego) is the sixth Latifah(Spiritual Organ) and comes into being through the combination of the elements of the body. It has been mentioned about Nafs(Ego), ‘Indeed Nafs(Ego) exhorts towards evil.’ Such a Nafs(Ego) is known as Nafs-e Ammarah. Divine Lights descend on the Nafs(Ego) and their colour and condition cannot be determined. The Illumination of the five Lata‘if(Spiritual Organs) also illuminates the Nafs(Ego). First it turns into Nafs-e Lawwamah, which means the Nafs(Ego) that scolds a believer when he does something against the Shari‘ah. Next it develops into Nafs-e Mutma’innah that constantly strives to obey the Divine Commands. This most wonderful treasure can be granted by a single glance and Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). The reins of a man’s life are held by his Nafs(Ego). If the Nafs(Ego) directs itself towards Divine Presence and the Court of the Messenger-saaws, then not only this life, but also the death and the next life of a believer are blessed and he achieves his objective.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

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