The Seventh Latifah Sultan al-Azkaar (Spiritual Organ)

After this the seventh Latifah (Spiritual Organ) is Sultan al-Azkaar. Here, every cell of the body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights) and the Divine Lights descend on it. According to the scientists there are about 2.5 trillion cells in a human body. Imagine a body that houses 2.5 trillion lamps illuminated with Divine Light, and every cell chants ‘Allah, Allah’ several times in each breath and beat. Such a body receives Divine Protection and is blessed to adhere to the Shari‘ah during its whole life. It is something altogether different that, those not conversant with the Shari‘ah or of its obligations may criticize him as a habit; yet, by Allah’s Grace he is granted the capacity to do righteous deeds. His sleeping or awakening, earning or eating, friendship or enmity, on the whole every aspect of his life conforms to the Shari‘ah. All of this is the wonderful effect of the Nisbat (connection) with an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). It is for this reason that, the Sufis have greatly praised the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), both in their poetry and prose. Even then, the fact is that, an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) cannot be praised enough. If this is the standing of an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), then how exalted will be the status of the Holy Prophet-saaws! And Masha’ikh (Spiritual Teachers)pride themselves with being compared to the blessed dust on his-saaws shoes. When all seven Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs) are illuminated the body turns into a walking treasure trove of Divine Lights and Refulgence. After doing this Latifah(Spiritual Organ), the whole Tawajjuh(attention) is directed back to the first Latifah(Spiritual Organ), the Qalb(Heart).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

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