The Seventh Latifah, Sultan al-Azkaar (Spiritual Organ) – Exposition

In this the entire body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights). This Latifah(Spiritual Organ) also receives direct Divine Lights, which are colourless and their condition cannot be determined. The seeker can feel (spiritually perceive) them, but these cannot be described, as the feelings are indescribable. Yes one thing is certain, that every particle of the body becomes saturated with light and becomes Zakir(in constant remembrance). According to modern science the human body is made up of ten trillion cells, as though a world millions times greater that this world exists within a human body, and the life span of each cell is not more than six months. Each cell reproduces its exact replica and dies. Therefore, a human being sheds his dead cells everywhere; in his clothes, the bed he sleeps in, the places that he visits, the routes that he takes, and in six months his entire body is renewed. This cycle continues till his death, and there are millions of deaths and millions of rebirths within him during a twenty-four hour span. If there is any deformity in any of the new cells it is automatically corrected by an impulse from the brain. The scientist states that each cell contains a „book‟ (DNA) within it which details every information pertaining to the individual, even to the extent that, when his first hair will grey or when his tooth will decay. All this can be read. Subhan Allah, behold the Power of the All Powerful, the Eternal! He-swt has indeed stated the Truth: We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein. (Qaf: 16)(Chapter of Holy Quran). Even the jugular vein is composed of cells, and the Omnipotent, Who is giving life and death to millions of cells in every individual at every instant, that Being is much closer to him than his jugular vein! Therefore, when Zikr(Remembrance) is done on this Latifah(Spiritual Organ), every cell of the body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights), and when such a person says „Allah‟ once, every cell of his body chants „Allah‟ with him, in this way a beam of Noor(Light) gets attached to each cell. Imagine! No matter how fine they may be, but ten trillion strands of Noor(Light) or ten thousand billion strands light up between the human body and the Divine Arsh (Throne). Perhaps it is such people who are being referred to in the Book of Allah-swt: Their Light will run forward before them and by their right hands. (At Tahreem: 8)(Chapter of Holy Quran) That: when they walk towards the Siraat Bridge, they will be surrounded by light from all sides. At that time, those bereft of the blessing will beg for some of their light but they will reply, „It cannot be procured here, because there is no such store here. Yes, if you can, then go back to the world as it could only be obtained from there.‟ But alas, the world would have been destroyed by then and they would not be able to receive anything except bitter regrets. Fortunate indeed are those who find someone in this world who can illuminate their Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs). This is a very great Divine Favour! So in this manner, with the Seventh Latifah(Spiritual Organ) – Sultan al-Azkaar, the entire being, every particle of the body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights) and emits the chant of Allah Allah. This has a tremendous influence on one‟s practical life. Firstly. It strongly reinforces one‟s faith and belief. Secondly. The work potential is greatly enhanced, and such a person is able to do the work that cannot be accomplished by many people working together. In addition, comprehension is refined and work proficiency is also endowed. By Divine Grace, one is granted the strength to keep away from disobedience of Allah-swt, and if by chance a mistake is made the Lights diminish, and that directs one towards repentance. The matter is redressed by more effort and the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). The Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is, in reality, a reflection of the Prophetic Lights and can accomplish so much, which cannot perhaps be achieved by centuries of individual effort. In this manner, these seven Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) become an immense treasure trove. Previously the Masha‟ikh(Spiritual Teachers) would make the seeker work on them for over fourteen years. It was Hazrat Ji-rua , who made it easy, that in one Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) he would illumine all seven Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs), and that is truly amazing. However, one thing must be remembered, that the importance of effort and endeavour remains established as ever, because nothing can be achieved without due effort. Those fortunate ones, who realize its value, utilize their whole effort with full sincerity (to achieve it). These Azkaar (plural of Zikr) cause to develop sound beliefs and righteous conduct. And this is the objective that, the belief be corrected and the conduct be reformed. It is indeed a very great Favour from Allah-swt .

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

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