Rabitah(Connection) – Meditation – Exposition

Rabitah (connection) is, in fact, from Allah Kareem. He-swt confers it when He-swt wills, on whom He-swt wills. All that a slave can do is to focus his entire attention towards it. This is a very great blessing that one can receive from Allah-swt. As it is stated in the Quran: We gave strength to their hearts: Behold, they stood up and said, “Our Rabb is the Rabb of the heavens and of the earth”. (Al Kahf: 14) „We connected with the hearts of the Dwellers of the Cave, when they said, „Our Rabb is He Who is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth.‟ It was due to this Divine connection that they stood resolutely in their belief of Divine Unity, against the king and their community. Likewise, it is stated about the mother of Hazrat Musa(Moses)-as: She was almost going to disclose his (case), had We not strengthened her heart so that she might remain a (firm) believer. (Al Qasas: 10)(Chapter of Holy Quran) Meaning that, had We not connected with the Qalb(Heart) of Musa-as‟s mother to remain firm in her belief and faith, she would not have been able to maintain the secret after she had floated him in the river. Similarly, it is stated about the Sahabah Kubbaar-rau (The Companions). „To strengthen your hearts, and to plant your feet firmly therewith‟. (Al Anfaal: 11)(Chapter of Holy Quran) We connected with your hearts so you could fight steadfastly. There are many such statements besides these, in the Quran. The quintessence of all is the same throughout; that a special relationship is established with Allah Kareem, which bestows steadfastness and strength of conviction which cannot be shaken by any power. Like the Dwellers of the Cave who did not give any consideration to the joint forces of the community and the ruler of their time; or as the mother of Hazrat Musa -as, who found such conviction in her Ilham (intuition) that she floated her child in the river and kept it a secret. In other words, a certain tranquillity or calm descends. Similarly, when the seeker brings the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) and the Lights of all Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) onto his Qalb(Heart) and concentrates towards Allah-swt, he is blessed with Rabitah(connection), and the Lights rise from the Qalb(Heart) and reach the Arsh-e Azeem (the Divine Throne). The Zikr(Remembrance of Divine Being) is also done in a way that the word Allah should enter the Qalb(Heart) but on breathing out the word Hoo should strike the Arsh-e Azeem. In this manner, a very bright path of light is established between the Qalb(Heart) of the seeker and the Arsh(Divine Throne), which becomes the means for the Rooh(Soul) to travel to the Higher Realm. A lot of concentration and effort is devoted to it because it is the strength of the Rabitah(connection) that affords the Rooh(Soul) the strength to fly. The actual abode of the Rooh(Soul) is the Aalam-e Amr (the Realm of Command), which is above the nine Arsh; as such it returns towards its original (home). And this is the (real) success that it should rise above worldly pollution and safely reaching its actual abode it should advance towards Divine Union. Therefore, Rabitah(connection) is the first connection which is established with the Arsh-e Azeem, although, this too, is bestowed by Allah-swt. Like it has been stated: He loves them; they love Him. (Al Maida: 54)(Chapter of Holy Quran) That is, Allah Kareem loves them and they love Allah Kareem: How can a lowly slave possibly love Allah-swt, unless the All Independent-swt loves him first? However there is a certain etiquette to achieve this: „Follow me: Allah will love you‟. (Aal-e „Imran: 31) That is; if you follow me (the Holy Prophet-saws), Allah will love you. This (verse) underscores „obedience‟ to the Holy Prophet-saws, and as Zikr-e Qalbi(Remembrance of Divine Being by Heart) is so greatly emphasised and highlighted at numerous instances, thereafter, when a person becomes attentive towards Allah-swt, that is (what is known as) „following‟ the Sunnah. The Method is to let the breathing be restored to its normal pace, which previous to now is practiced quickly and vigorously on all the seven Lata‟if(SPiritual Organs), and after spending some time on the Qalb(Heart) in order to concentrate all the heat, light, and beneficence there, one should concentrate towards Allah-swt. Now with the breathing restored naturally, the word Allah should descend with every breath into the Qalb(Heart), whilst every outward breath should carry the word Hoo to strike the Arsh-e Azeem (the Divine Throne), these lights then grant a connection with Allah Kareem and a road, or call it a broad, strong and luminous Path, is formed from the Qalb(Heart) to the Divine Throne, and thus a lowly earthling gets connected with the Divine Throne. After it grows strong, and the Lata‟if (Spiritual Organs) are illuminated to provide it with power, the Maraqbah Ahadiyyat (Station of Spiritual Path) is conducted.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

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