Rabitah(Connection) – Meditation

After doing Zikr(Remembrance of Divine Being) on Latifah(Spiritual Organ) Qalb(Heart) for some time, the method of Zikr changes. Previously, it was Pas Anfas, meaning that when a breath is drawn inside the body, it should take (the word) ‘Allah’ into the Qalb(Heart) and when it comes out it should strike (the word) ‘Hoo’ on the Latifah(Spiritual Organ) under Zikr. However, now the breath going in will, as before, continue to take the word ‘Allah’ inside the Qalb(Heart), but the breath coming out will strike the word ‘Hoo’ onto the ‘Arsh (the Divine Throne). This practice is called Rabitah(Connection), that is establishing a connection with the ‘Arsh(Divine Throne), while remaining on the earth. The Rooh(Soul) is from the Realm of Command, therefore when the Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs) become illuminated, the Rooh(Soul) dominates the body, which then starts fulfilling its worldly affairs according to the Shari‘ah, due to which both this world and the Akhirah(Hereafter) are ameliorated. The Rooh(Soul) attains the capacity to establish a connection with ‘Aalam-e Amr and thus begins its journey towards its station and home. ‘Aalam-e Amr starts from above the ‘Arsh, therefore the Rooh(Soul) has yet to cross the vastness of the ‘Arsh(Divine Throne). Even the ‘Arsh has nine levels, which are known as nine ‘Arsh and the vastness of each of them is immeasurable. It should be remembered here that while such excellence demands sound belief and righteous conduct, it is also dependent upon the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). An accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) receives this strength from the blessed Qalb(Heart) of the Holy Prophet-saaws, through his Masha’ikh(Spiritual Teachers) and it is this strength that reforms the conduct as well. Therefore, after doing Zikr on the Lata‘if(Spiritual Organs), full attention is focused on the Rabitah(Connection), which serves as the path or channel for the Rooh’s(Soul) journey towards the Higher Realm (‘Aalam-e Bala).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

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