Maraqbah Aqrabiyyat (Meditation)

Above M‘aiyyat(station on spiritual path), is another station that has bright red lights. Its gates and walls, floor and ceiling and the whole environment is red. This building also has arches but there is a subtle difference between the arches of M‘aiyyat(station on spiritual path) and Aqrabiyyat(station on spiritual path). Here, the realization of Divine Nearness overwhelms the Rooh(Soul). Its Tasbeeh(Recitation) is: Nahno Aqrabo elaih-e min Hablil Wareed Allah is Nearer to you than your jugular vein. The jugular vein is itself a part of the body. The Hand of Nature, that arranges 2.5 trillion cells into a body, out of which the jugular vein is also made, must be much Nearer, since It is creating and arranging each cell of the body. Here the Rooh(Soul) experiences a strong feeling of Divine Nearness and comprehends the realities of life. These three meditations are a single lesson and are known as Maraqbaat-e Thalatha(Three Meditations). Hadhrat Ji-rua(Allah Yar Khan rh) used to say, ‘It is gross ignorance to demand any more Karamah(marvel) from a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), who has conducted (a seeker) to only Maraqbah-e Ahadiyyat.’ May Allah Kareem grant this blessing! All these are all precious pearls that are picked up from the dust on the Holy Prophet’s-saaws blessed feet.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

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