Maraqbah M‘aiyyat (Meditation) – Exposition

This is the second Maraqbah (station of spiritual path) which is in accordance with the following blessed Ayah(Verse of Holy Quran): Wa Hova M‟akum ainama Kuntum. (Al Hadeed: 4) That: Wherever and in whatever condition you are, Allah-swt is with you. When the Maraqbah Ahadiyyat(Station of spiritual path) becomes strong and established, the seeker is advanced further, and saying „Allah Hoo‟, the Rooh(Soul) rises and reaches the Station of Maiyyat. This station is similar to Ahadiyyat only that there is a slight variation in its columns and design. The colour of the Lights here is green, and the entire building is also green coloured. It is in fact structured by Lights and is not a conventional building of bricks and cement. It is the lights that assume various forms. The whole layout is the same, similar corridors, open space, the apartment of the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) of the Time, a multitude of fortunate Arwah(Souls), the majority being elderly, who spent their lives attaining this station and found their abode here at their death. The connection of the Rooh(Soul) with the grave or the place of burial notwithstanding, they usually reside here. I have already stated about Taddad-e Amsaal. For better understanding, it can be compared to the innumerable rays of the sun that spread over the four corners of the globe, yet each ray is connected to the sun and vice versa. Nature accomplishes many tasks through each ray or sunbeam, which affects living beings, plant-life and minerals in its own specific way, but the strange fact is that neither the sun nor the rays are aware of the tasks that are being accomplished through them. Similarly, the Arwah(Souls) of the Aulia(Friends of Divine Being) transform into T„addad-e Amsaal‟ (several forms), but each form is related to its original and is one of its rays, through which the beneficence and blessings are carried. The Aulia(Friends of Divine Being) may or may not be aware of this and it is not necessary that they should, unless of course, Allah Kareem Himself discloses something. Here, another point should also be understood. Some modern scholars refute the Reward and Retribution in the Grave by stating that the retribution (recompense) is meted to a Jism-e Misali (a replicate body), not in the grave but in Sijjeen or somewhere else. This is incorrect. A replicate body simply does not exist. Hazrat Ji-rua(Allah Yar Khan rh) used to refute this (concept) sternly, saying, „Subhan Allah, what a (preposterous) thing to state! A replicate body never came to the world, neither was it obliged (ordered) to follow the Shari„ah, nor did it commit any virtue or vice, and they designate it as the recipient of reward and retribution! This is absolutely wrong. Yes, the „replications‟ of the Rooh(Soul) however, are its rays or beams; hence the observation of Rooh(Soul) in more than one place at the same time is called Tadad-e Amsaal, and this blessing is received by the seeker in the highest Circles of the Realm of Command, but not by everyone; only those who Allah-swt wills, can see the Rooh(Soul) at multiple places, simultaneously. In any case, the seeker sees the Rooh(Soul) standing at the grand gate of a majestic structure, which radiates beams of green lights from its walls, and also through the gate. The Tasbeeh(Recitation) here is: Allah-o Haziree, Allah-o Naziree, Allah-o M„aee. Wa Hova M„akum ainama Kuntum (Al Hadeed: 4). He reads the complete Tasbeeh once and thereafter keeps repeating only the Ayah. The intensity of feelings increases on each repetition. The Rooh(Soul) must keep repeating it, for which the seeker needs to remain attentive. It is desirable that the body (tongue) also keeps reciting it. The effect this Maraqbah(Meditation) casts on one‟s life, conduct and character, is the sought after goal of human life. It reinforces the realization that my Allah-swt , the One I worship, my Master, my Cherisher is always with me, and that He-swt is observing what I am doing and is also aware of what is in my heart. As this realization gains strength, the capacity for obedience and adherence to the Shari„ah enhances correspondingly, and one obeys with complete sincerity and devotion. Then all fear, other than that of Allah-swt, is expelled and all hopes in Ghair Allah (anyone other than Allah) are severed. A person realizes that when Allah Kareem is the only Bestower, why should he become servile or sycophant to anyone, against His desire. The audacity to commit sin departs, as his hitherto hearsay belief that, Allah-swt is present everywhere and aware of everything, is now augmented by his Mushahidah(Spiritual Vision) of the Lights of Maiyyat (Companionship). If he doesn‟t observe the Lights, he can still feel them through intuition, which is surer than observation and becomes the cause of protecting him from wrong acts. If he falters due to ignorance, being a human after all, he is overwhelmed by remorse. This deep sense of remorse is repentance, rather true repentance, which reforms his conduct and also frees him from all superstitions. He no longer cares about the common misbelief of society that someone has cast a spell on him or used an amulet against his children, because such superstitions have no significance when Allah-swt is with him. An amazing sense of tranquility and peace descends. He tries his best to perform all his worldly affairs according to the Shari‟ah, so they get blessed and also graded as worship. Allah-swt protects him from senseless and useless speech and he weighs every word before speaking. Thus his worldly life becomes serene, beautiful and enjoyable. He is never found to be bored like the majority who keep grumbling about their luck all the time and remain dissatisfied, although it is mostly the recompense of their own actions, which they don‟t realize. The seeker is freed from all that. By Allah Kareem‟s Grace his character is reformed and the results of his actions are also blessed. He lives in this world with such comfort and peace as if he is living in Paradise. Even hard dry bread tastes delicious because his whole life is otherwise blessed with peace. This is the one treasure that is hankered after by the rich and rulers, except of course those who, by Allah-swt‟s Grace, follow the Shari„ah. Take a look at the West; every person is afflicted by an unknown fear and his life is a living hell. Hence, along with the feelings, heart‟s joy, peace and satisfaction blessed by this Maraqbah(Meditation), one‟s practical life is also firmly moulded in adherence to the Holy Prophet-saw‟s Sunnah. It must be remembered that the whole of Tasawwuf(Sufism), all Sulook(Sufi path of Love), is solely aimed at acquiring the ability to follow the Shari‟ah with deep-rooted heart-felt sincerity. It is not a spectacle or show where one shuts his eyes and starts observing some lights or colours. Absolutely not! This is not some game of sorts; it is the game of life and is won only after losing everything. After one truly realizes one‟s nothingness and starts to discern the Greatness of Allah-swt in accordance with his capacity, it is only then, that he is granted the blessed opportunity to take steps towards this Path. This is the boundless Divine Grace that is disbursed from the Court of the Holy Prophet-saws. If only the critics and questioners expend the same effort trying to learn and understand it, they would not only find their answers, but also be blessed with Divine Mercy.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

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