Maraqbah M‘aiyyat Meditation

The next lesson is Maraqbah M‘aiyyat(Station of spiritual path). The Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) takes the Rooh(Soul) of the student to the next higher stage, whose lights are green and its gates and walls are also green. There is a magnificent building with arches and green light filtering through them. Its Tasbeeh(Recitation) is: Allah-o Haziree, Allah-o Naziree, Allah-o M‘aee Wa Hova M‘akum ainama Kuntum This stage is also full of great details. Here the Rooh(Soul) realizes that my Master is with me all the while, everywhere. He-swt is fully Aware of my condition and is extremely Merciful towards me. Standing in Divine Presence the seeker trembles, even at the thought of disobedience, and adorns his life with adherence to the Sunnah. He associates all his hopes with the Absolute Being and doesn’t allow his fear of Allah be overwhelmed by the fear of anyone else.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan


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