Da’irah-e Muhabbat Awwal (The First Circle of Love) – Meditation

The following Ayah is recited at this station:

Yuhibbo hum wa Yuhibboona-hoo. (Al Ma‟idah: 54)

The seeker sees himself standing at Aqrabiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path) and a circle of amazing colours surrounds his forehead. It is an enormous circle; its centre is the forehead but also showers its rays on the Rooh, which engulf it in immense pleasure. The seeker recites once: „Asal Da‟irah Asma-e Sifaat mein say oopar Nafs meiray kay‟, and then keeps reciting „Yuhibbo hum wa Yuhibboona-hoo‟, both in his heart and also with his Rooh(Soul). The more time and effort he expends on this, the stronger the Maraqbah(Meditation) will become.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

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