Dawa’ir-e Muhabbat (The Circles of Love) – Meditation

The Dawa‟ir-e Salasah(Circles of Love) follow after the Maraqbaat-e Salasah(The Three Meditations), and are called the Dawa‟ir-e Muhabbat(Cricles of Love). The Tasbeeh is: Yuhibbo hum wa Yuhibboona-hoo (Al Ma‟idah: 54), that is Allah loves them and they love Allah. Love is an exceptional emotion in which one longs to sacrifice everything for the beloved. Love is not taking or demanding anything, rather it is the longing to shower all one has on the beloved. If the element of give and take enters a relationship, then it will not be love, but it would be apt to term it as business. Love means to give and offer everything. Like a poet has said: „The lover becomes a bonded slave of the beloved.‟ And, if that love is for Allah-swt and His Messenger-saws! The love for the Prophet-saws is the prelude to the love for Allah-swt . The love of Allah-swt is the greatest of all treasures, while the most precious wealth and asset granted to man is his limited free will or freedom of choice, and the love for Allah demands that man sacrifices this most valued possession for it. Man‟s personal likes and dislikes should submit totally to Divine Will. His practical conduct aside, even his thoughts, desires, wishes and wants should mould themselves according to Allah‟s Will. Hazrat Ji-rua used to say that, one should become as pliant before Shari„ah, as a corpse in the hands of a Ghusaal : it moves only when he moves it. Here, a question arises. Man can love the things or persons that are within the orbit of his knowledge, he can only love when he can see or know. But Allah the Creator, is beyond the bounds of knowledge of Creation, so how can man fall in love with Him? The answer is supplied in the Holy Quran: If you do love Allah, follow me: Allah will love you. (Aal-i-„Imran: 31) That is, if you are a seeker of Allah‟s Love, then follow me (the Holy Prophet-saws), Allah-swt will start loving you. Once Allah-swt starts loving you, it will certainly sow, in response, the seeds of His love in your hearts; rather, the resulting situation will become as: Those of Faith are overflowing in their love for Allah. (Al Baqarah: 165) That is, those who have attained Faith love Allah-swt the most, in the whole universe. Meaning that those who immerse themselves in the Love of Allah-swt, nothing remains of themselves, they remain completely immersed in His Love, under all conditions and at all times. Love follows a strange principle; even human love is not without impact. If you love someone it will produce (your) love in his heart, and if you dislike someone, then despite an apparent show of affection, he too will hate you from within. Some people think, „I love this person, but he doesn‟t love me back‟. In fact, these people don‟t have any love at all, only interests that they term as „love‟, and naturally such interests will only beget interests from the other side; meaning that a person who has some interest with you will display his love. This is a trade of self-interests and it is not right to term this as love. Love is an emotion that is always pure and selfless, and as already stated it is very potent and effective and always elicits a response. If human love is so potent, how strong would be the effect of Allah-swt‟s Love! For this reason it is stated that Allah-swt loves them and they start loving Allah-swt. How great would be the people who are loved by Allah-swt, and how pure would be the emotion with which they love Allah-swt! A poet has aptly put it: Advisor, to you about love, I say: If you wish to feel it, fall in love, The tempest‟s force you can never know, From safety of the shore above, It is an exotic intoxication: Alienating the heart to both the worlds The lasting bliss of Cognition Divine; Filling the heart with brimming joy With delight enduring and sublime Allah Allah! This excellence needs to be experienced practically, not just talked about verbally. Yes, if Allah-swt grants even an iota of it, then the purpose is achieved!

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

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