Zikr/ Dhikr (Remembrance) Necessary for Everyone for Inner Peace

Allah ordains every soul in the Quran to Perform Zikr(Remembrance).  This not only means reciting the Quran and Tasbeeh(recitals) but also Zikr-e Qalb(Remembrance of Heart).  It is only through Zikr-e Qalbi(Remembrance of Heart) that Prophetic Lights reach the depths of human soul and purify it from all vice and evil.  Zikr(Remembrance of Divine) infuses a realization of constant Divine Presence and a seeker feels great improvement in the level of sincerity and love towards Allah and the holy Prophet-SAWS. Such levels of sincerity, love and feelings of Divine Presence can never be obtained without Zikr(Remembrance).

It would be a mistake to believe that Zikr(Remembrance) may be a requirement only for the very pious and virtuous people.  Zikr(Remembrance) provides the Prophetic blessings which are in effect the life line of every human soul.  It transforms even the most corrupted humans into virtuous souls by bringing out the best in them.

The fact is that Zikr(Remembrance) is the only way to achieve true contentment and satisfaction in life.  The holy Quran has pointed to this eternal fact that it is only through Zikr Allah(Rmembrance of Divine) that hearts can find satisfaction.  Such satisfaction and peace are the ultimate requirements of every person, regardless of religion, race and ethnicity.  Practicing Zikr(Remembrance) regularly removes all traces of anxiety and restlessness, and guides the human soul to eternal bliss and peace.

10 thoughts on “Zikr/ Dhikr (Remembrance) Necessary for Everyone for Inner Peace

      1. Since my childhood Iwas, at six years, I was already writing. I walked in nature and nature told me about God. It is Allah who gave me the writing. But since eight years, it is He who writes in me. Everything I write does not come from me. Allah reveals his world through writing. This is a long story. It was God who led me to Sufism.
        Writing is also Dhikr.
        Thank you so much.
        Sorry, my english is very poor
        May Allah bless you.

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  1. I’m very glad and proud to have read each other; mysticism is the beautiful treasure of any wonderful religion like yours. I am christian and you and me contemplate the same sun from diferent places.
    We both know that peace is the intimate smile of the wise.

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  2. Even though I personally think that you don’t have to follow a certain religion in order to experience inner peace (in my experience it comes from being in the Now), there’s wisdom in your post.
    … and thank you for the follow and the like 😉

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  3. What a beautiful reflection. I didn’t know what Zikr(Remembrance) meant so I had to look it up. From what I read it means attuning oneself to the divine attributes of God. What a beautiful thing for all of us to do. I hope that you have a beautiful day. It is a beautiful day outside here. Thanks for this educational meditation.

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