Dar ul Irfan – University of Sufism and Self

The day of celebration has arrived,

but where is the Beloved?

Everywhere there is joy and happiness

but has anyone seen the Beloved?

what joy then.

how to rejoice then.

Union with the Beloved,

away from all there is.

that day is the day of sheer happiness.

How and where to seek the path to Beloved.

to the much awaited meeting

what price to pay

when will there be a resolve to this heartache

to existence without separation

without sorrow

that yearning for Beloved

where to acquire this sweet yearning pain

80 thoughts on “Dar ul Irfan – University of Sufism and Self

  1. I was amazed when I came across this post before any others. I believe you might understand if you read my post from today, “Here Comes the Groom”. The Beloved is very near and He desires us for His own.

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  2. Celebrating 🥳 is after all A really intimate affair especially for the Believers! Ya faithful ya come! Orgasmic almost every time Good God C O M E near. Strobe light and ya hard as ya Rock! God bless good god does THAT!👍🙏🐕♒️❤️💯👍

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  3. When I’m not tending to the relationship I wonder if there will be some moment when knowledge recognizes Her, like, will the mind/intellect/soul recognize Her when she ACTUALLY enters the presence? Or, is Bhakti and devotion meant to forever play catch and mouse, and never actually find it’s confusion and can revel with her and not always away from her. 🤪🤪🙃

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