Da’ira-e Muhabbat Soam (The Third Circle of Love) [Meditation]

Then is the third Circle, which is bigger and brighter than the first two and makes the Salik(Seeker) experience the pangs of inner love, the way this Faqeer had mentioned in a couplet: Your-saaws obedience sure induces, The joy, pleasure of life, Faqeer, The pangs of inner pain, but strike, Chords of ecstasy, intense, unique Its Tasbeeh is also the same, as the Rooh(Soul) of the Salik(Seeker) recites this Tasbeeh, it is overwhelmed by Allah’s love and views the whole world from that perspective. In actual fact, these matters are not for writing, reading or talking about, but are for practically doing, because feelings can only be realized and perceived once they actually descend. This realization is also proportional to one’s capacity, because there is definitely a difference in the feelings of every seeker about every meditation.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Da’irah-e Muhabbat Doam The Second Circle of Love [Meditaion]

The seeker sees a Second circle surrounding his forehead, which is bigger and brighter than the First circle. The seeker should once say: „Asal, Asal Da‟irah Asmae Sifaat mein say oopar Nafs meiray kay‟, and then keep repeating: Yuhibbo hum wa Yuhibboona-hoo within his heart and also with his Rooh(Soul). A Hadees Sharif states that the entire universe in all its vastness, when compared to the vastness of Arsh(Divine Throne), is like a finger ring lying in an endless expanse of a desert. Therefore, if the vastness of these Circles is considered by this scale, one is left astonished. Moreover, they have their own specific colours, lights and glow. Each ray, fleck of light and colour drips with love and saturating the Rooh(Soul) it enters deep into the Qalb(Heart) of the seeker, making him devoutly obedient to Allah-swt and the Holy Prophet-saws . I have mentioned earlier, that people suffer from a misconception that the Sufis are unproductive people. Yes, pseudo Sufis may certainly be an unproductive lot, but those blessed with real Tasawwuf(Sufism) and Sulook(Spiritual Path) work much more than a non-Sufi. In practical life, no non-Sufi can match them; because they not only work much more, they also strive to base all their actions on the Sunnah. For this reason, Hazrat Ji-rua used to say that every Sufi is an Alim, if he is not himself an Alim then he attaches himself to an Alim, or he is granted Ilm-e Ladunni from Allah-swt (Knowledge from His Presence), because knowledge is essentially required for practice; how can he practice (religion), unless he has the knowledge. Hence, these people are knowledgeable about the Deen, its devotees, and practicing men of admirable character. If Allah-swt grants the company of such people, then it is one of His very great Favours. Only then does one realize the worth of such people. My personal experience is that these people can converse about every subject in the world, I don‟t know how they have the knowledge of these things; and their opinion, in all matters, is the most sound. Their talk does not stop at invitation and reformation, but they are seen to be foremost in their practice as well. Although these Circles are only the initial and founding stations of Sulook(Spiritual Path), but it is always the foundation that guarantees the strength of building, and it is again the foundation that determines the height of the building. The Lights of these Circles bestow such feelings, that a fistful of clay (i.e. Man) is filled with Allah‟s Love. Subhan Allah-e wa bi-Hamdi-hee, Subhan Allah il Azeem!

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Da’ira-e Muhabbat Awwal (The First Circle of Love) [Meditation] – Expostition

When the Salik(Seeker) sees his Rooh(Soul) here, he sees a circle of light, bright like the sun, is around his forehead. Its Tasbeeh is Yuhibbo hum wa Yuhibboona-hoo Allah loves them and they love Allah. In time, a person values something or loves someone because of its beauty or excellence. However, Allah-swt is Absolute, He-swt can neither be seen nor imagined. So, how can love, which is a natural feeling and blossoms in the heart, develop for Him-swt? Allah Kareem loves them because He sees all of them and knows all things at all times. However, love is a feeling that demands its response, and that too, is love. Let alone human beings, if you love even an animal, it also responds with love and starts growing up and flourishing… and what can compare with Allah’s Love! When it rains, it softens the soil of the Qalb(Heart), which starts blossoming the flowers of love and yielding the pearls of love for Allah. The practical effect of these Circles is that a Salik(Seeker) doesn’t consider the obedience to Allah-swt or the adherence to the Holy Prophet-saaws as a mere routine Fardh or Sunnah, but starts to love them and adheres to them with his utmost sincerity, in a passionate manner.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Maraqbah Ahadiyyat Meditation – Exposition

What is the Maraqbah Ahadiyyat? It is the contemplation and reflection upon the following Ayah(Verse of Holy Quran), and to benefit and gain from its feelings and Lights: Your Ilaha is the only Ilaha. (Al Baqarah: 163) In actual fact this is the gate to the Divine Throne. It could be termed as the first station on the Path or Sulook(Sufi Path of Love). The seeker finds his Rooh(Soul) in front of him. Then, the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), guiding him with his Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention), conducts him to the station of Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path). It is not possible at all to reach here by oneself as the distance from the earth to Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path) is very great, approximately 50,000 years, and that too in Rooh(Soul) Years [the distance covered in one year by a Rooh(Soul), which has attained the ability to travel (traverse) such distances without the help or Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher)]. However much someone may try on his own; he will lose himself in the vastness of the path and never reach his destination. However, the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of the Shaikh(Spiritual attention) becomes the means of instant access, and it is a special Divine Grace. Hazrat Ustad ul Mukarram-rua(Allah Yar Khan rh) used to say that if a Shaikh (Spiritual Teacher) can take his student to Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path), then it is absurd to await any greater Karamah(marvel) from him, as this in itself, is a very great Karamah(marvel). This is a white luminous station, a colossal building. The Rooh(Soul) goes and stands at its entrance. Seen in front is the door built on high lofty columns and corridors. White radiant lights are to be seen everywhere and are especially noticeable coming from the front. If one is blessed with Mushahidah(Spiritual vision) and enters the building, after going a little further the corridor turns to the right, and a huge stadium of sorts is seen, which is packed with people, the elderly far outnumber the young. All these are Arwah (plural of Rooh) of the blessed people who died while they were at the station of Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual path). Their lessons were up to this station when they left the world and their Rooh(Soul) was stationed here. Turning right from here then further ahead on the right, is a very beautiful and decorated room. Entering this, one finds there seated the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) of the Time; whoever is the greatest Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) of that time, is seated here in resplendent glory. This too is an amazing Divine phenomenon that a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) can be seen simultaneously at many places. Ustad ul Mukarram-rua(Allah Yar Khan rh) used to say that this is known as „T‟adad-e Amsaal‟, meaning that a figure is seen simultaneously at several places. It is as if a room is lined with mirrors and a person entering it will be reflected in every mirror. This Path is common to all Salasil(Spiritual Orders), and although the methods of Zikr(Remembrance) may vary, but the destination of all is the same. If one is blessed with a real Nisbat(Connection) of a Silsilah(Spiritual Order) and is not lost in the quagmire of rituals, then these are the stations, and people (students) from all Salasil (Spiritual Orders) arrive first at Ahadiyyat(Station of spiritual path), and if they are blessed with Mushahidah(Spiritual vision), they find there the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) of the Time; who may belong to any Silsilah(Spiritual Order), but is the personality who possesses the highest of Stations and degrees of Divine Union, during his time. However, the real marvel and the fruit of all these endeavours is the adherence to the Shari‟ah and the depth of its sincerity. Once someone came and stayed with Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani-rua, and after staying for three months in the Khanqah (Sufi school) asked for permission to depart. Hazrat asked him, „You came and stayed here for so long, but never disclosed the reason of your coming and now you want to leave.‟ He answered, „I came with the intent of learning Sulook(Sufi paht of love) and kept waiting for some Karamah (marvel). However during my three months stay, I did not witness any Karamah. So, I did not disclose the reason of my coming, and now duly disappointed I ask leave to depart.‟ Hazrat Alif Sani-rau said, „Three months is a long time. While you lived at this Khanqah (Sufi School) did you witness any act that was against the Shari‟ah?‟ He replied, „I am an Alim and I know the Shari‟ah. No, I did not observe anything against it, here.‟ Hazrat replied, „What can be a greater marvel than the fact that a person‟s practical life complies with the Shari‟ah?‟ The person realized his mistake, asked forgiveness and started learning Sulook(Sufi path of love). The outcome of this Maraqbah(Meditation) is the strengthening of one‟s belief in Divine Unity to such a high degree that his practical conduct reflects his obedience to Allah-swt in all his actions and all his hopes are severed from others and reposed in the Divine Being alone. A man‟s conduct revolves around his hopes; he obeys others either in the hope of some gain or for fear of some loss; but when he reposes all his hopes in Allah the One, without any partner; then his total obedience gets reserved solely for Allah-swt, and these are (the effects of) the Prophetic blessings, because when a Prophet educates someone, his teachings do not comprise mere words or theory, but similar feelings also transmitted by the Prophet‟s Qalb(Heart), motivate the person to undertake that effort. The perfect compliance evidenced in the Companions-rau was a result of these very Prophetic blessings. The Masha‟ikh(Spiritual Teachers), in succession, are the custodians of these blessings which are transmitted from bosom to bosom, and the same blessings are distributed among the seekers; this is the real objective of the Peeri Mureedi institution. Although it is correct to make Baiat (Oath) for Reformation with someone who is cognizant (knowledgeable) about everyday matters so that one could model one‟s life according to the Shari„ah under his guidance, but if one is seeking the states (feelings) of the Qalb(Heart) and (the realization) of Divine Presence, then it is necessary that the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) should possesses the ability to conduct the student to Fana fir Rasool-saws. Therefore, this Maraqbah(Meditation) makes Allah-swt, the focus of all his hopes and desires. A strong feeling of love develops and wonderful changes occur in one‟s practical life, as the real objective is to follow the Holy Prophet-saws with utmost sincerity. The Tasbeeh(Recitation) of this Maraqbah(Meditation) has probably been penned in Ramooz-e Dil(Mysteries of Heart); in any case, its essence is this Ayah(Verse of Holy Quran), which has been explained here. The seeker is initiated in a way that he recites: Fa IzUllah Munazzah, bay Choon-o Chagoon Wa Ilah-o kum Ilahun Wahid (Al Baqarah: 123) Wahdahu la Shareeka laka Ya Allah. Therefore, standing at the Maqam-e Ahadiyyat (Station of Ahadiyyat) the Rooh(Soul) keeps repeating this Tasbeeh(Recitation). It is alright if it is repeated by the tongue, but the Rooh(Soul) must keep up the repetition. After the Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs), a lot of time should be expended on the Maraqbaat(Meditations), and these should not be taken lightly. In fact one should take time from one‟s daily routine to devote to Zikr(Remembrance) and Maraqbaat(Meditations), so that they become firmly established, and their results become apparent in one‟s everyday conduct. This is the desired purpose of life – the adherence to the Holy Prophet-saws with heartfelt sincerity, and this is exactly what is known as the „depth of sincerity‟.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Maraqbaat – Meditations

Maraqbah (Meditation) means to sit with full concentration and a lowered head. The purpose being, with closed eyes and lowered head, to completely concentrate on the objective and receive or absorb the feelings of the station being concentrated on. Hence, after doing the Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs), the Maraqbaat(Meditations) are practised.

The best form of Maraqbaat (Meditations) is that one should attain bright and clear Mushahidaat (spiritual visions), for which Mujahidah (effort/endeavour) is a pre-requisite. Mujahidah is an effort, if adopted even by a Kafir (non-believer), he can also gain visions of this physical (world), because Iman (Faith) is not a requirement to observe worldly events. Iman is required only for observing the realities of the Higher Realm and the Akhirah (Hereafter). If someone has the wealth of Iman and Mujahidah both, he may start experiencing Mushahidaat(Spiritual Observations), even in the absence of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). However, it is another matter that, once the faculty of Mushahidah(Spiritual Observation) develops, Shaitan(Satan) may pluck him, because in the absence of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), one cannot understand by oneself, which direction to go or what to do.

The second fact is that in the absence of Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention), one may acquire Mushahidaat(Spiritual Observations), but certainly not Maraqbaat(Meditations). With reference to Maraqbaat(Meditations), it is necessary that the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is available. Else, if one starts travelling in the right direction towards Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path), with the speed of the Rooh(Soul), instead of the speed of light, it would take fifty thousand years to reach Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path). Therefore, the Maraqbaat (Meditation) cannot be attained by oneself. It is only the Tawajjuh (Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) that can take one to Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path) in an instant. If a seeker is blessed with Maraqbaat(Meditations) through the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), then the degree of Mushahidah(Spiritual observation) should be such that, while doing Maraqbah Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation), he should be able to see Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation), his own self and those who are present there. This is the best observation. A lesser degree is that he should see the station and experience its feelings. If he cannot see the station, he should at least see himself (his Rooh) (Soul) standing there, he should see at least one of the two. If, even this is not the case, then an even lesser degree is that he should see the lights of Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation), and when the station changes, he should start seeing the lights of the next station.

Some people are granted Wajdan instead of Mushahidaat(Spiritual Observation). Wajdan is stronger and surer as compared to Kashf, and is a very superior form of intuition from Allah-swt. There is a much greater possibility of Shaitan’s(satan) interference in Kashf than in Wajdan. As Wajdan is an intuition from Allah-swt, being received directly from the Divine Being, if Shaitan(satan) tries to interfere, the light is immediately interrupted and is replaced by darkness. Thus, there is much greater protection in it than in Kashf. There is only one criterion for a normal person, seeker or a beginner to judge Wajdan. For example, a seeker has attained Maraqbah Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation) and his Rooh(Soul) gets there. Although he doesn’t have Mushahidah(Spiritual observation), but his heart feels convinced that his Rooh(Soul) is present at Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation). If this conviction is an intuition from Allah-swt and it is Wajdan, then no external reasoning can shake this conviction. However, if this conviction starts to wane, then it is his personal opinion and not an intuition from Allah-swt. In any case, Wajdan is certainly quite rare if not totally unavailable. One out of millions is blessed with this wealth of Wajdan, then that person becomes as solid as a rock. When he takes a stand, no power in the world can shake him. Try to achieve at least one of the two forms described above, and this requires a lot of attention.

First, while doing the Lata‘if [Zikr on (Spiritual Organs)], try to guard every breath, so that ‘Allah Hoo’ is continuous. It shouldn’t happen that breathing continues rapidly out of habit, whilst the thoughts are wandering somewhere else. One has to make an effort to focus the thoughts at one point. It is a difficult task that has to be undertaken continuously. Continuous practice helps in developing concentration and the greater the concentration the clearer will be the visions. Once attained, it becomes second nature. It is so pleasurable and delightful that a person automatically remains attentive towards it. He becomes habitual to this pleasure and wherever he may be, whether in the market or in the home or in any company, he remains absorbed in his own pursuit. In the terminology of Tasawwuf (Sufism) this is known as ‘Solitude in a Crowd’. So, to attain this concentration, don’t let a single moment go by without Zikr(Remembrance). Expel every foreign thought from the mind and try to focus only on this point so that complete concentration is achieved and the Qalb(Heart) is firmly oriented in this direction. It gets stuck at one point so that even the Earthquake of Qiyamah(Judgement Day) cannot move it.

Remember, if the Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs) are not strong and the Rooh(Soul) is taken to various stations, it will return to its original place when the person separates from the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) or when the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is withdrawn. A person can only stay at these stations when he possesses his own strength. He goes to a station with the Shaikh’s(Spiritual Teacher’s) power but stays there due to his own. After finishing the Lata‘if [Zikr on (Spiritual Organs)] with total attention and concentration, when you attend towards Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation), then forget about the earth, the heavens and even yourself and see yourself at Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation). (The Rooh (Soul) has the same appearance, the same shape and the same clothing that the body is wearing). Leaving behind every other thought and consideration, see your self at Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation) and recite the Tasbeeh of Ahadiyyat with your full attention, thinking that the Rooh (Soul) is also reciting the Tasbeeh at this station. Similarly, when you intend proceeding to M‘aiyyat (Station of Meditation), then with the same attention and concentration, see yourself the very next moment at M‘aiyyat(Station of Meditation), and, as before, imagine that the Rooh (Soul) is reciting the Tasbeeh of Maraqbah M‘aiyyat(Station of Meditation). This is the method for doing all the Maraqbaat(Meditations).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

The Seventh Latifah Sultan al-Azkaar (Spiritual Organ)

After this the seventh Latifah (Spiritual Organ) is Sultan al-Azkaar. Here, every cell of the body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights) and the Divine Lights descend on it. According to the scientists there are about 2.5 trillion cells in a human body. Imagine a body that houses 2.5 trillion lamps illuminated with Divine Light, and every cell chants ‘Allah, Allah’ several times in each breath and beat. Such a body receives Divine Protection and is blessed to adhere to the Shari‘ah during its whole life. It is something altogether different that, those not conversant with the Shari‘ah or of its obligations may criticize him as a habit; yet, by Allah’s Grace he is granted the capacity to do righteous deeds. His sleeping or awakening, earning or eating, friendship or enmity, on the whole every aspect of his life conforms to the Shari‘ah. All of this is the wonderful effect of the Nisbat (connection) with an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). It is for this reason that, the Sufis have greatly praised the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), both in their poetry and prose. Even then, the fact is that, an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) cannot be praised enough. If this is the standing of an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), then how exalted will be the status of the Holy Prophet-saaws! And Masha’ikh (Spiritual Teachers)pride themselves with being compared to the blessed dust on his-saaws shoes. When all seven Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs) are illuminated the body turns into a walking treasure trove of Divine Lights and Refulgence. After doing this Latifah(Spiritual Organ), the whole Tawajjuh(attention) is directed back to the first Latifah(Spiritual Organ), the Qalb(Heart).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

The Sixth Latifah, Nafs/Ego (Spiritual Organ) – Exposition

This Latifah(Spiritual Organ) is located in the forehead that is placed on the ground when performing Sajdah (prostration). The human body has been created from clay, fire, water and air. Nafs(Ego) comes into being out of these four elements. Since it is created through the combination of material elements, therefore, it is basically inclined towards material pleasures. However, if one is blessed with Faith, his Rooh(Soul) becomes alive, and as the Rooh(Soul) grows stronger, the condition of the Nafs(Ego) also undergoes a corresponding change. (Good) Deeds are necessary for (maintaining) Iman (Faith), and sincerity and obedience to the Holy Prophet-saws are necessary for (acceptance of) deeds. This strengthens Iman, and as Iman continues to become stronger, the condition of the Nafs(Ego) also improves. The Quran has mentioned its three degrees: First: Nafs-e Ammarah. It is indifferent to the concept of Deen and Iman(Faith), goodness and sin and remains lost in worldly pleasures. Without caring about the legal or illegal (permitted and prohibited) aspects, it sets up the attainment of pleasure and wealth as its sole objective. This usually happens while in a state of Kufr(Disbelief). Second: Nafs-e Lawwamah. When blessed with Faith, one also receives the ability to distinguish between good and bad, and the Nafs(Ego) tries to do good but due to its intrinsic nature it also indulges in evil, but after doing wrong it realises the mistake and reproaches itself and repents. Now, it could be argued here that some Kuffaar also do good deeds, like constructing hospitals or water reservoirs or helping people, but here it is important to remember that they neither believe in Allah-swt nor in the Holy Prophet-saws and nor in the Hereafter. So the object of whatever apparent good they do, is to acquire the world (worldly benefits), whether it be wealth or fame. Sometimes they believe that their good acts will repel some worldly affliction. Thus they do not deliberately do good per se because their Nafs is Ammarah. However, if a person possesses Faith, and is not a Muslim simply for demographic purposes, he can certainly distinguish between right and wrong. He considers the doing of good as obeying the Command of Allah-swt and the Holy Prophet-saws and for (his future benefit in) the Hereafter. If he falters, he reproaches (scolds) himself and regrets his action. This regret is called Taubah (Repentance), which prevents him from further evil. Third: Nafs-e Mutma‟innah. Faith, obedience and adherence inculcate sincerity and the Nafs(Ego) advances to become Nafs-e Mutma‟innah, meaning that a man feels afraid of sinning and inclines more and more towards doing good. His worship and recitation (of the Holy Quran) increase, and with great enthusiasm and zeal he conducts his affairs in practical life. He not only does good himself, but because of him, thousands of lost and wayward people find guidance, they repent and turn towards righteousness. And that is the (real) purpose of life. There is a misconception that the Aulia Allah(Friends of Divine Being) renounce the world, live in seclusion in jungles and do no work at all. This is incorrect. Actually, having noticed some very special and highly elevated Aulia Allah(Friends of Divine Being) surrounded by the multitude, the rulers of the day banished them from cities and prohibited all meetings with them. Some very great names like Bayazid Bustami-rua are also included in these. But people started considering every useless lunatic as a Wali Allah(Friend of Divine Being), otherwise the amount of work the Aulia(Friends of Divine Being) and Sufis do in their lifetime cannot be achieved by others, as blessings pervade their courage and work potential and these blessings emanate from the Holy Prophet-saws and are reflected down through the breasts of the Sahabah-rau, the Taba‟een, the Tab‟a Taba‟een and arrive at the Masha‟ikh, from where they reach the hearts of the sincere seekers of truth. Divine Lights descend on this Latifah(Spiritual Organ), which sometimes illuminate both worlds and sometimes nothing can be perceived. It is impossible to describe, verbalise, or pen their character (essence) and associated feelings. These can be perceived by only those who have been granted this blessing. Yes, their effect in practical life is that disobedience starts tasting bitter, and if due to human nature, some mistake is made the regret is enormous; and righteousness becomes the desired goal. Owing to a great Divine Favour, man is not a slave of his habits like animals, but possesses the ability to effect changes in his habits and character according to the likes and dislikes of his Qalb(Heart). When his Qalb(Heart) receives Divine Lights and is acquainted with the everlasting pleasure of Divine Nearness, then his personal preferences become subservient to the preferences of the Holy Prophet-saws and this change in personal preferences initiates a very beautiful transformation in his character and habits. Although he does not become an angel, for he is after all only a human being, nor becomes innocent (free) from making any mistakes, because innocence is the attributes of Prophets only; yet, these blessings protect him from making mistakes as he is granted Divine Protection from sin, and he is constantly turning to Allah-swt and remains concerned about the betterment of his Akhirah(Hereafter). Thus he is blessed with success in this world and the next, and this is a very great favour of Allah Kareem. Keep in mind that all knowledge granted to man, whether pertaining to this world or to the Hereafter has been received through the Prophets-as. Therefore, the beneficence bestows not only the aptitude for knowledge, but its treasure troves are also laid open for him. In fact, success in the Hereafter is related to Iman and fulfilling all worldly affairs in accordance with the Sunnah of Holy Prophet-saws and in the manner advised by him, and the Nafs-e Lawwamah proceeds in this direction, and if by Divine Grace it acquires the status of Nafs-e Mutma‟innah, then Subhan Allah, (his lives in) both worlds are ameliorated . Fortunate indeed are such people, in this world as well as in the next. May Allah Kareem Grant this wealth to all Muslims! Ameen! It is a strange concept: it is believed that the Aulia Allah(Friends of Divine Being) are some different type of human beings. According to the Book of Allah every believer possesses a degree of Wilayah(Friendship with Divine Being), and so basically, every believer is a Wali Allah(Friend of Divine Being). Allah is the Friend of the Believers. (Al Baqarah: 257)(Chapter of Holy Quran). Allah is the Wali(Friend) of every believer. Now, effort and righteousness polish this Wilayah(Friendship with Divine Being) even more. Some people achieve such greatness that they become the means of illuminating thousands of other souls. Without doubt, their status is very great; however, basically every believer does receive a part of this wealth. Then some unfortunate ones lose it by their bad deeds, but remember that when this virtue is lost then Iman(Faith) does not remain safe either, and such people join some erring sect and lose their Faith. May Allah-swt keep us under His Protection from such situation! Ameen! Since this Latifah(Spiritual Organ) receives Refulgence from Allah Kareem, neither their colour nor their state (condition) can be determined. It is but a Noor (Light) that sometimes illuminates everything and every side, while sometimes nothing is perceived at all; yes, the light and warmth can surely be felt. The shining light of guidance Also the heat of activity The vigour and the dynamism With men true, you will ever see But, the mean, the lowly, the inactive Will coin excuses, shamelessly Meaning, if the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is real and accomplished, then one receives light and warmth, but if the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is not accomplished, then there will be no feelings: all he will do is fob off with shameless excuses.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

The Fifth Latifah, Akhfa (Spiritual Organ) – Exposition

This is located in the centre of the chest where the sternum (breast bone) meets the stomach; that is, in the centre of the first four Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs). The lights and beneficence on this Latifah(Spiritual Organ) come from our Illustrious Master, Hazrat Muhammad-saws. These descend from the fifth Heaven and are green in colour. Subhan Allah! How much can anyone ever calculate, as all the favours, blessings, knowledge, miracles received by all Prophets, from the first to the last, were received through the Holy Prophet-saws, because he-saws is the Prophet of the Prophets and is their Leader! The scattered pearls of Yousuf’s beauty Isa’s breath and Musa’s(Moses’s) bright hand In a lone necklace are strung together Around You-saws like a lustrous band Therefore the blessings received from the Holy Prophet-saws cover all these excellences. However, every man has a specific natural potential and he progresses more in that line, but he does not remain deprived of the other virtues also. The first and the most valuable point: All Prophets possess the same beliefs. They have the same singular belief in Divine Unity, Messengership, the Books, the Hereafter, the Angels, Accountability, and Heaven and Hell. So, an excellent reformation of the seeker‟s belief most certainly takes place. I spent twenty five years in the company of my Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher); Hazrat Ji-rua not only possessed unbounded knowledge, but he was also a debater of high calibre. Debaters usually have an investigative and critical disposition, but Hazrat Ji-rua never asked anyone who came to him about his tenets, or about his adherence to (religious) deeds or about his environment. He-rua (just) gave his Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) and instructed him to be regular. It is my personal observation that thereafter a quest would be born within him and he would embark on self-reformation. He would start fulfilling his religious obligations regularly and would even start offering Tahajjad; and walking out of clubs and dancing halls he would become part of a Masjid‟s congregation. These blessings are of the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) and Prophetic lights of the Holy Prophet-saws. The Holy Prophet-saws is the Leader and Messenger for the whole of mankind, for all times, and in all matters. The impression of his blessed footprints can be traced upon all worldly affairs and in every aspect of life, and they not only guide us but also facilitate our lives and guarantee us one hundred percent success. In addition, the success in Akhirah(Hereafter) is granted as the reward for such worldly affairs. Therefore, a person gains great success in whichever department of life he may be associated with, because he acquires the proficiency to do the job well and also does it with full sincerity. One thing more, he is not only granted acumen and wisdom but also due competence and capacity to do the job. Meaning that; This Garden of Life also enhances The fruit basket you may carry For you to pluck and relish Its harvest, forever, endlessly Allah Kareem grants a seeker the proficiency and ability to work, and these people are the most successful in this world and the next. It is impossible to enumerate the blessings of the Holy Prophet-saws and it is also impossible to count the grants of Allah-swt, yet what is so amazing is that the claimants of these blessing have also been seen to go astray. The reason is that the attainment of all beneficence has been linked to sincerity, and this blessing has been left to the decision of one‟s heart. He guides to Himself those who turn to Him. (Ash-Shura: 13)(Chapter of Holy Quran) It means that, Allah Kareem guides the one who seeks with the sincerity of heart. This sincerity is a wealth higher in greatness than a lofty mountain, yet more delicate than fine crystal; if pure, it develops the quest for truth, and Allah Kareem guides the person to those of His slaves where hearts are illuminated through attainment of Prophetic lights, and this Noor(Spiritual Blessings) keeps on increasing. But man is human after all, and his own Nafs(Ego) and Shaitan(devil) are also lying in wait. They had, until now, been working to keep him away from this blessing and to keep him engaged in worldly pleasures, but when man realises, changes his direction and is blessed with this wealth, they also modify their strategy. Now, they try to make him believe, „You have turned very pious and have attained a high status; not only is your Dua(Prayer) accepted, but every word that you utter also stands fulfilled‟. The rest is made up by the fawning public‟s obsequious behaviour. They kiss his hands, bend to touch his knees and at the same time request his prayers, for which they shower him with money. However, this is a very delicate matter and demands the acknowledgement of the Greatness of Allah-swt only, and is based on the belief of self-negation. Now, when man wants to swing from self-negation to self-promotion due to the promptings from Shaitan(devil), Nafs(Ego) and the public, a hairline crack develops in this relationship which is loftier than the mountains yet more delicate than crystal, and then his path sways towards the abyss of ignominy. May Allah Kareem preserve us from this! Ameen! Therefore, its wealth and stock is conviction and sincerity, which according to me are two names of the same feeling. What happens when one receives this wealth? This can only be felt but cannot be verbalised nor inscribed. Anyone with a longing can try it for himself. But one thing can be categorically stated without any fear of contradiction, that the seeker who has all five Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) illuminated, achieves success in all affairs of this world and the next. This is the greatness of Allah‟s Messenger-saws, the reflection of whose blessings convert base metal into pure gold. Just reflect on the blessed life of the Holy Prophet-saws. Orphaned in early childhood, he-saws remained without parental or apparent material support, then in adolescence the death of his-saws grandfather Hazrat Abdul Muttalib, he-saws then came under the guardianship of his-saws uncle Abu Talib, who was himself in such straitened circumstances that the Holy Prophet-saws herded sheep and gave the income to him. Upon his-saws marriage to Hazrat Khadija-tul Kubra-rau , for sharing his uncle‟s burden, he-saws asked his uncle to give him one of his sons, to bring up. Then, on the proclamation of his-saws Prophethood, equipped solely with Divine Help, he-saws stood firm against the unbelief, polytheism, oppression and tyranny exiting in the whole world; and finally, his-saws Migration. The Quran states, The Messenger‟s duty is only to preach the clear Message.‟ (Al-Noor: 54)(Chapter of Holy Quran) But as the Message began to find acceptance, he-saws gave people further guidance. Finally, when the need arose for a free piece of land and an independent state for the multitude ennobled by Islam, he-saws migrated to Madinah Munawwarah. Leaving behind their homes, friends, relatives, property and wealth, the Migrants sacrificed everything and went to settle in Madinah Munawwarah, and a free and new state was founded. The ten years of the Holy Prophet-saws‟s life in Madinah Munawwarah entailed constant and on-going endeavour, commensurate only with the greatness of the Holy Prophet-saws , for in these ten years, the number of just the Ghazwaat and Sarayah totalled over eighty. Then came all the affairs of the State: formulating and implementing laws and procedures that should occupy the status of the final reference and authority not just for this small state, but for all humans inhabiting the earth until the Day of Qiyamah(Day of judgement). Then the entire Arabian Peninsula being absorbed into the Islamic State and taking head-on the forces of Caesar and Persia, and the implementation of a system of justice and equality against all systems of tyranny and injustice prevalent throughout the world. This effort and endeavour cannot be comprehended by a Peer who lives off his devotees, neither by a politician; for how will he change the present system, when he cannot even adopt an Islamic appearance for the fear of non-Muslims? The Holy Prophet-saws committed this duty into the charge of those self-sacrificing devotees, whom he-saws had personally prepared, and in just a quarter century they not only spread the Message of Truth throughout the world, but also established an Islamic republic that stretched from Spain to West India and China and from Russia to Africa, and was a shining example of the Islamic system of governance. Sall Allah-o Alaihi Wa Sallam! When this Latifah(Spiritual Organ) is illuminated, the seeker no longer depends upon any worldly support; he keeps striving constantly, day and night, for the practical interpretation and implementation of the Deen and assumes a revolutionary personality. Not only does he follow the Deen himself, but also a great multitude receive blessings through him and are inspired to follow the religion practically. Such is the Bounty of Allah, which He bestows on whom He wills. (Al-Jum„ah: 4) The grant of these five Lata‟if(Spiritual Organ) is a great Divine Favour and a blessing beyond expectation. Hazrat Ji-rua used to tell us, „I was called to Laiti village to arbitrate on an issue of Nikah. To get the version of the woman concerned, it was necessary to speak to her in private, so I asked them to send an elderly and pious person with me so I may get to know the facts in his presence. They made Qazi Sahib to sit by me. The matter was discussed and the verdict given. When I departed from there, Qazi Sahib accompanied me to the Bus terminal. On the way he told me, „Hazrat I do Allah Allah (Zikr), Hazrat Sahib of Dandah Shah Bilawal-rua, who is from the progeny of Hazrat Shah Bilawal-rua, started teaching me Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs). He would teach a Latifah(Spiritual Organ) in approximately two years. So I took ten years to complete my five Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs), and al-Hamdo Lillah, all my five Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) are illuminated and I am continuing my effort on them. The issue is that I reside on my lands outside the village, but whenever I visit the village and view it from the high ground, it appears that the village is inhabited by beasts, snakes and pythons.‟ Hazrat Ji-rua used to say „I understood that this was the „Maraqbah Rooyat-e Ashkal‟ – (the Meditation in which the Rooh(Soul) is seen in its real form) which is taught only formally, but his Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) were so luminous that occasionally he could get a glimpse of it.‟ A human being keeps sinning to such an extent that the Rooh(Soul) gets disfigured into the form of a beast. If some Iman (faith) is retained, it looks like a Halal animal, but if by continuous sin the Iman is also lost, then it assumes the form of a harmful animal and beast. Usually, it is disfigured into the form of a beast that has similar habits. Outwardly, he remains a human being but his conduct becomes beastly. Hazrat Ji-rua would say, „When I explained the matter to him (and found the student exceptionally diligent), Qazi Sahib said, „My Hazrat has passed away and he used to tell me that there were seven Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs). If only there was a Man of Allah who could teach me the seven Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs).‟ Hazrat Ji-rua replied, „Qazi Sahib, what if I become that man for you?‟ Hazrat Ji-rua was highly famed as a religious scholar, a legist and a debater. Whither a debater and whence Tasawwuf! So Qazi Sahib was greatly surprised, but he immediately caught hold of his mantle. The (spiritual) stations of Qazi Sahib‟s Shaikh were at Salik-ul Majzoobi, beyond Fana Baqa, which are very high stations, but through the Spring of Beneficence that Qazi Ji-rua became associated with, by Allah-swt‟s Grace, (he attained to) Fana Baqa, Salik-ul Majzoobi, the „Arsh, the nine „Arsh and beyond, covering many Circles of „Aalam-e Amr, he had reached very high stations at the time of his passing away, which are attained by a counted few in centuries. The students of today shouldn‟t think that although all their Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) have been illumined in just one sitting, they are not similarly blessed (as Qazi Sahib-rua). It is stated that these states depend on effort; firstly Halal food, secondly speaking the truth, thirdly constant Zikr(Remembrance of Divine Being). Let someone try and he will see for himself. We do not spare even 24 minutes for Zikr out of (our) 24 hours, what Kaifiyaat (spiritual states) can we achieve? Yes, it is a matter of thanks that at least our Belief remains sound and our Faith remains solid. However, effort must be made for it, because the time we are expending only to gain the world, is also the time to gain the Hereafter. May Allah Kareem make it easy for us! Ameen! The miracles of the Holy Prophet-saws cannot be enumerated nor can be his-saws blessings! But the point that I would like to emphasise is that there is only one sentiment likeable and laudable with Allah Kareem and that is love. Ordinarily, love is a very common word and is much overused, but in reality this emotion is very scarce. People give the name „love‟ to the relationships they forge for their personal interest, for example, parents love their children but if the children fail to provide for their parents then this „love‟ vanishes. Now, if this be the state of love between parents and their children then it is useless to discuss other forms of love. Yes, if there exists really some spark of love, then the lover thinks not of himself but only of his beloved, and ever remains desirous of the beloved‟s pleasure under all conditions. „The lover becomes the slave of the beloved‟, and sacrifices his hopes and desires at the altar of his beloved‟s approval. Although Faith and submission are sufficient for attaining salvation, but for attaining Divine Nearness love is the necessary requirement; and again, submission is the only way leading to it. If you do love Allah, follow me: Allah will love you. (Aal-e Imran: 31). This statement from the Quran is enough to assert that sincere obedience to the Holy Prophet-saws develops the love for Allah-swt . Love is a feeling, and feelings are born by seeing, hearing and knowing. But Allah-swt is beyond the horizon of a man‟s knowledge, so when human knowledge (perception) cannot reach (encompass) Him, how can He-swt be loved? The answer was supplied by the Holy Prophet-saws, he stated: „Follow me, then Allah-swt will start loving you, and in answer to His love, your heart too will brim over with love for Him, and this is the objective. ‟ Those of Faith are overflowing in their love for Allah. (Al Baqarah: 165)(Chapter of Holy Quran). That is, a believer loves Allah-swt with boundless intensity‟. This is one way. The other way is a heart-felt love for the Holy Prophet-saws, which is born through an association or a relationship. A relationship with the Holy Prophet-saws, based purely on sincerity of heart, not tainted by any personal desire, arouses a storm of love. Man is human after all and possesses a heart; but a pillar of Masjid-e Nabvi, against which the Holy Prophet-saws used to lean during his Khutbah (address, sermon): its relationship with the Holy Prophet-saws was confined solely to being in contact with the blessed body, yet that contact filled the piece of wood with such intense love that when a pulpit was constructed for the Holy Prophet-saws and he-saws sat over it (for delivering his Khutbah), the pillar could not bear the separation of only a few feet and started crying loudly. Oh, the wailing of Hananah On separation from the Messenger-saws A dry wooden pillar‟s sobbing grief Like the lamentation of perceptive men The wooden pillar, called Hananah, on separation from the Holy Prophet-saws, wept loudly as if it were alive! The Holy Prophet-saws went up to it and comforted it, caressing it with his hand to console it. The Sahabah Karaam-rau (the Companions) state that the pillar did not quieten down instantly, but rather like a crying child, kept up with sobs and sighs before finally quietening down. It was only a piece of dried wood and ever remained as wood, but became overwhelmed by the emotion of love. Whereas man is an accountable creature and possesses the capacity of emotion, if he were to become truly associated with this Holy Mantle, how intense would his love be? The seeker gets a share of all these blessings on the Fifth Latifah(Spiritual Organ), the only condition is that the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) should be accomplished who can give Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention), and the seeker accepts the Tawajjuh(SPiritual attention) with a pure and sincere heart. He then becomes a symbol of unshakeable belief, continuous endeavour, and love that can conquer the world. And this is a great favour of Allah-swt .

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

The Fifth Latifah Akhfa (Spiritual Organ)

The Fifth Latifah(Spiritual Organ) is Akhfa. As the name suggests, it is even more concealed than Khaffi. Beneficence from Hadhrat Muhammad-saaws descends on it and the colour of its lights is green. The sum total of the Treasure of Knowledge that has been granted or will be granted to those arriving before or after, the knowledge that has been granted to all the Prophets, all of that and as much more as Allah-swt desired, has been granted to the Holy Prophet-saaws. His-saaws personality has been declared as the ‘Mercy for the Universe’; therefore, the mysteries of Akhfa(Spiritual Organ) are correspondingly as deep and subtle and in it continue to flow oceans of mysteries, which saturate every Zakir(One who remembers the Divine Being) according to his capacity as per his sincerity and effort. As well, this Latifah(Spiritual Organ) overwhelms and illuminates the remaining four Lata‘if(Spiritual Organs) also. When Latifah Akhfa(Spiritual Organ) is illuminated, amazing mysteries are unfolded, which a person can only feel but cannot describe. Firstly, it is not within everyone’s ability to describe the feelings and secondly, people do not have the capacity to listen these secrets. When people do not possess the capacity to listen, then it is futile to expect them to understand. The seeker with this illuminated Latifah(Spiritual Organ) takes care of even minor acts that are normally overlooked, such as, not spitting in the direction of the Qiblah, taking care to put on the shoes or socks right foot first and remove them left foot first. How can such minor points draw attention in an environment, where people neglect even their five-time Fardh (obligatory) Salah? However, the realization of the increase and decrease of lights and feelings obliges a Zakir(One who remembers the Divine Being) to be mindful. Thus, by Allah’s Grace, he strives to abide by the Shari‘ah with his heart and soul, mind and body. It is no small achievement, because a lifetime of education and exposure to external knowledge cannot bestow that sincerity and resolve to a seeker, which are inspired by the illumination of the five Lata‘if(Spiritual Organs) by the Tawajjuh (Attention) of a Shaikh(Spritiual Teacher).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

The First Latifah, Qalb (Heart) – Exposition

This is located within the same lump of flesh that supplies blood to the whole body. It is a Divine Subtlety that belongs to the Realm of Command. Hazrat Adam-as‟s lights descend on it from the first Heaven and are yellow in colour. Among the Prophets-as, the Holy Prophet-saws is the Imam al-Anbiya (the Leader of the Prophets), while the rest are either Prophets or Messengers or the Ool-ul Azm (The Exalted Ones), and they are five: Hazrat Adam-as, Hazrat Nooh-as, Hazrat Ibraheem-as, Hazrat Musa-as, and Hazrat Isa-as , whose beneficence is received on the first four Lata‟if (Spiritual Organs). Each one of them has his individual qualities. As already mentioned, lights of Hazrat Adam-as descend from the first Heaven on the first Latifah, are yellow in colour and are the bearers of specific attributes. Firstly, as soon as he-as erred, he turned immediately to Allah-swt and was granted Divine Nearness. The illumination of this Latifah (Spiritual Organ) transfers the same realization, and one is granted sincere repentance and he supplicates in the Presence of (Divine) Truth for the forgiveness of every sin and for the grant of the capacity for obedience. Secondly, he-as received knowledge from Divine Presence. He taught Adam the names of all things. (Al Baqarah: 31). Hazrat Adam-as was taught the names of everything in the world: the names, properties, method of use, benefits and adverse effects of all things. Similarly a seeker receives competency or capacity to acquire knowledge, and he attains to a high status in whichever religious or worldly departments he strives in. Remember that no non-Muslim can compete with him in the intellectual or worldly sciences, while Deen, in any case, is the lot of the believer only. For this reason the basis of all modern knowledge is indebted to the research of Muslim scholars who were all Zakireen and Wali Allah (Friends of Divine Being). Today since we have relinquished this blessing, we have become subservient to the Kuffaar. It was Hazrat Adam-as, who began to cultivate the land and commence the use of herbs and metal (ore). Similarly, a seeker is blessed with proficiency in all these matters. Thirdly, he-as landed, in this world on a mountain in Sri Lanka, while Mother Hawwa (Eve) was in Arabia. For three hundred years he strove, journeyed and cried in supplication to Allah Kareem. How great a physical exertion, mental strain and heartache it must have involved! Eventually they were reunited at Arafat on the Jabl-e Rahmah (where a column exists even today) and this (union) initiated the procreation of the human race. Similar feelings are granted to the seeker also, in accordance with the capacity and sincerity of his quest, and he begins to exert effort in worship, becomes knowledgeable about worldly affairs and finds the courage to undertake the most cumbersome of tasks, all the while maintaining a strong bond with Allah-swt. He prays for help and guidance and asks forgiveness for all omissions and weaknesses as man‟s character is indeed strange: when he tastes the success of his effort, he becomes arrogant and says, „This achievement is mine!‟ But a person whose Qalb (Heart) is Zakir (Activated with Divine Lights) and attentive towards Allah Kareem remains safe from this malady and attributes his success to the blessing of Allah Kareem and is grateful to Him. He regards not only his success but also the courage and ability for the effort as grants from Allah Kareem, and this induces greater humility and a realization of his own inadequacy. Likewise, if man meets failure, then coupled with the displeasure in his reaction he also tries to blame fate, and thus in the guise of fate, he actually casts a blame on Allah-swt. In contrast, if the Qalb (Heart) is Zakir (Activated with Divine Lights), the effect is different: he is content with his personal effort but assumes that some of his weakness may have caused the failure, and even if his effort was complete, the result would certainly not have been favourable for him, because of which it was averted by his Master. He is convinced that he will be rewarded for his effort and hard work by Allah Kareem; so, even in failure he sees a degree of success and therefore never falls in despair nor loses hope. He regards his effort and labour as well as the peace and comfort, as grants from Allah-swt. Consequently, his life becomes serene and comfortable. It has been stated that no one will experience any grief in Jannah (Paradise); a faint reflection of this (blessing) is also found in the worldly lives of the Zakireen (Those who remember the Divine Being). The life in this world become enjoyable and the Hereafter is also ameliorated. When only the Qalb (Heart) becomes Zakir (Activated with Divine Lights), it is as if the gates of these countless blessings have been thrown opened to him, and he has reached a Grand Court where all around, every type of blessing awaits him. It is to be seen what he acquires from them. These are not mere words for speaking, but are deeds worth doing. How (great) this fistful of dust (man) can become, when those Divine Lights that descend on the Quloob (Hearts) of the Exalted Messengers, start affecting him. There may be other innumerable benefits, all of which I do not know, nor is it possible to write them here.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan