The Third Latifah, Sirri (Spiritual Organ) – Exposition

The third Latifah Sirri (Spiritual Organ) is located above the First Latifah (Spiritual Organ). It receives spiritual beneficence from Hazrat Musa-as, which descends from the third Heaven and the colour of its lights is white; at times like a continuous band of white light, at times a rain of white flakes, and at times like an accumulation of white clouds; that is, everyone observes it according to his personal capacity. Looking at the events of Hazrat Musa-as‟s blessed life, we see that soon after birth he was floated away in the river and a colossal trial commenced. However, a point to be observed here is that, because of him, his mother was also blessed with the honour of Divine Communication. We sent this inspiration to the mother of Musa. (Al- Qasas: 7)(Chapter of Holy Quran). That is, We spoke to the mother of Musa. Subhan Allah! Allah be praised for whatever the seeker receives here, however these blessings also reach his associates because of him. Then, from the river he reached the royal palace where he remained with Firaun(Pharoah) throughout his childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It is commonly believed that the society and environment change a person, but Firaun‟s royal palace and its environment could not affect Hazrat Musa-as in any way. These blessings are reflected on the seeker too, and consequently, instead of being influenced by his environment, he is blessed with the ability to change it. During his youth, his accidental killing of an Egyptian in support of justice, Firaun‟s intentions to kill him, his migration and reaching Madyan, his meeting with the daughters of Hazrat Shoaib-as and then his marriage there, is a series of extraordinary events. He arrived at a well and saw some shepherds watering their herd and two damsels standing to one side. When he inquired, they told him that their father was very old and there was no one else to bring their flock, and that they would water their herd after the others had left. Hazrat Musa-as advanced, drew water from the well and watered their flock for them, and after they left, sat under a shade and prayed: My Rabb(Lord), I am truly in need of any good You send my way. (Al Qasas: 24)(Chapter of Holy Quran) O Allah! I have no home, nor any acquaintance here; I am in a state of utter desperation and need. Please grant me goodness.‟ Then, one of the two girls, shyness and demureness dominating her gait walked up to summon him. It was as though the woman was the answer to all his prayers. He received relatives, home and also the means of income; indeed, a modest woman brings with her all blessings! Then, his departure from there, observation of the Divine Refulgence on the Mount Toor and the Divine Conversation, then the Command to invite Firaun(Pharoah) to the Truth – an invitation towards Allah-swt, to a rebellious and arrogant king who claimed to be a god himself; then, the competition with the magicians and the display of exemplary trust in Allah-swt, in both these situations. Then, his years long clash with Firaun and the Egyptians, migration along with the Bani Israeel, finding the path through the sea, attendance at the Mount Toor, Conversation with Allah-swt and the Grant of the Book, then further effort. In short, it is a chronicle of one continuous struggle. Apparently, each event begins with difficulties and concludes with a Grant from Allah-swt. His life is a long tale of extraordinary events, which is not possible to cover here. When spiritual lights from Hazrat Musa-as descend on the seeker‟s Latifah(Spiritual Organ), they carry all these blessings and the seeker benefits from them according to his ability and capacity. He develops trust in Allah Kareem, gains the courage to speak the truth before the worst of tyrants, becomes steadfast on Truth and till his last breath continues to strive for the triumph of Truth. It is another matter that pseudo Sufis are totally useless people, otherwise those who receive with this blessing turn into revolutionary personalities. Perhaps I have already written this many times, that every seeker gets his share according to his capacity; not everyone gets the same share. Everyone‟s sincerity and effort has its own value, and he receives his share of blessings accordingly in that proportion.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan


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