The Second Latifah, Rooh (Spiritual Organ) – Exposition

It is called Latifah Rooh (Spiritual Organ) and is located opposite the Qalb (Heart) on the right side and it is the recipient of lights from two Ool-ul Azm Messengers. These lights descend from the second Heaven and are golden red in colour. This is also the place from where the Angel of Death retracts the Rooh(Soul) . If the Maraqbah Mootu(Specific Meditation) is conducted, a seeker can observe the state of the taking out of Rooh (Soul) . The first of the two Messengers whose lights descend on this Latifah (Spiritual Organ) is Hazrat Nooh-as and the second is Hazrat Ibraheem-as. The accounts of both these personalities are almost similar. Hazrat Nooh-as preached for 950 years, in an environment where his people had become very rebellious and despite such a long and arduous toil, the number of believing men and women was only about eighty (80). How difficult and exemplary was his endeavour, and how determined was he in his preaching! One of the reasons for the waywardness of his people was their material progress; they had invented such things during that time which have not been invented even today, despite such material progress. For example, they had prepared a liquid which if poured on a hard stone like marble, would soften it like wax. It was then poured into molds of various shapes and it re-hardened, but it developed the property of absorbing the sun‟s rays during the day and emitting light throughout the night. So these molds were erected along the houses, streets and roads, and they remained lit during the entire night. During excavations, western archaeologists had found a bottle of the solvent with which they did verify the phenomenon, but the bottle fell and broke, therefore the contents could not be determined. From this it can be deduced how advanced must have been their way of life, how developed their means of irrigation, and how fruitful their orchards and abundant their crops. However similar to our present times, they neglected Divine Greatness and declared the teachings of their Prophet impractical. Resultantly, a storm broke out which drowned all except the believers. Hazrat Nooh-as’s real son was also among those drowned. The reference in Surah Hood (Chapter of the Holy Quran): O earth! Swallow up your water, and O sky withhold your rain‟… (Hood: 44) In my opinion the Bermuda Triangle is the very spot where the water was swallowed. Even today, whatever gets caught in it is sucked into its vortex without leaving a trace, whether it be a ship or an airplane. Hazrat Nooh-as‟s ship came to land on Mount Judi and he re-inhabited the land with the same vigour and motivation and was called Adam the Second for his steadfastness, belief and conduct, and he re-founded the human race on these principles. Therefore, when a reflection of these blessings descends onto the seeker, the attributes of sound beliefs, steadfastness, adherence to the truth and resoluteness in its propagation are developed in him. He receives Divine Support in his effort to propagate the truth and his supplication against the forces of falsehood is accepted and answered in the form of Unseen (Divine) Help. The other lights on the second Latifah (Spiritual Organ) , i.e. Latifah Rooh are of Hazrat Ibraheem-as Khalil Allah. As mentioned earlier the lights of these two personalities mingle to appear golden red. Hazrat Ibraheem-as is also an Ool-ul Azm Messenger. During childhood, starting from his home, he developed differences with his father who carved idols for the royal temple. Generally, people follow in the footsteps of their elders, but the Prophets-as obey the Command of Allah-swt only, that they receive through Divine Revelation. Further, he clashed with his community when he smashed their idols, and the matter reached the king. He was summoned for questioning, but he rendered the king speechless. In frustration, the king ordered him to be thrown into the fire. But Allah-swt ordered the fire, „Indeed you are fire; your property is to burn. But, while remaining as fire, turn into cool and fresh breeze for My Friend.‟ It is commonly stated that the flames converted into a garden; however, this (interpretation) is not supported by the words of the Quran, as there is no command for the flames to convert into flowers. Instead He-swt commanded O Fire be cool and safety for Ibraheem. (Al-Anbiya: 69) (Chapter of Holy Quran). That is, „O fire, stop burning and become a means of coolness and peace for My Friend.‟ Consequently the fire kept burning the logs, but remained cool and pleasant for Hazrat Ibraheem-as . He-as then migrated from his homeland and faced innumerable difficulties with steadfastness. In his old age he was bestowed a son like Hazrat Ismaeel-as and he was ordered to leave his lady wife and child at the site of Kabah, subsequently the patience displayed by his wife and child, the search for water and the gushing forth of the spring of Zamzam, the sacrifice of Hazrat Ismaeel-as is a chronicle of constant effort, sacrifice, patience and determination, in which Divine Mercy leapt up to hold his hand at every step. It is a strange saga, which can be viewed only through the eyes of love; otherwise physical eyes cannot discern those emotions and feelings. Consequently the seeker also receives a reflection of these excellences and he partakes of them according to his capacity. It must be remembered though that purity of heart, sincerity of intention and effort are its prerequisites, and these blessings can only be known by those who possess knowledge. Up to now they have not been reduced to writing in this manner. I do not know how this humble soul (me) picked up the courage to do so. Perhaps people have become lost in the (glitter of) material fineness and Allah Kareem willed to let the common man know what real human excellences are and how they can be achieved. For this He-swt bestowed courage on this humble soul, and Insha Allah this will certainly spread throughout the world and will definitely provide guidance for the seekers of Truth. Yes, the point to be observed is what change takes place in the person who receives it. For that, he himself is the best judge, as every individual has his own particular circumstances and exigencies; hence the results are also manifested accordingly. However, one thing is certain, that everyone benefits, because these blessings and lights cannot remain fruitless. And how can they! After all Allah-swt‟s Name and the blessings emanating from the sacred Qalb (Heart) of the Holy Prophet-saws can never remain without results. Yes, every individual has a different capacity to accept beneficence. Hence, the results are manifested according to the capability of the individuals. The belief in Akhirah (Hereafter) is strengthened to a level called „Istihzaar‟ by the Ulama, meaning: as if the realities of the Akhirah (Hereafter) are being plainly observed. This blessing becomes the most effective and the best cause to reform human life.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

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