Rabitah(Connection) – Meditation – Exposition

Rabitah (connection) is, in fact, from Allah Kareem. He-swt confers it when He-swt wills, on whom He-swt wills. All that a slave can do is to focus his entire attention towards it. This is a very great blessing that one can receive from Allah-swt. As it is stated in the Quran: We gave strength to their hearts: Behold, they stood up and said, “Our Rabb is the Rabb of the heavens and of the earth”. (Al Kahf: 14) „We connected with the hearts of the Dwellers of the Cave, when they said, „Our Rabb is He Who is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth.‟ It was due to this Divine connection that they stood resolutely in their belief of Divine Unity, against the king and their community. Likewise, it is stated about the mother of Hazrat Musa(Moses)-as: She was almost going to disclose his (case), had We not strengthened her heart so that she might remain a (firm) believer. (Al Qasas: 10)(Chapter of Holy Quran) Meaning that, had We not connected with the Qalb(Heart) of Musa-as‟s mother to remain firm in her belief and faith, she would not have been able to maintain the secret after she had floated him in the river. Similarly, it is stated about the Sahabah Kubbaar-rau (The Companions). „To strengthen your hearts, and to plant your feet firmly therewith‟. (Al Anfaal: 11)(Chapter of Holy Quran) We connected with your hearts so you could fight steadfastly. There are many such statements besides these, in the Quran. The quintessence of all is the same throughout; that a special relationship is established with Allah Kareem, which bestows steadfastness and strength of conviction which cannot be shaken by any power. Like the Dwellers of the Cave who did not give any consideration to the joint forces of the community and the ruler of their time; or as the mother of Hazrat Musa -as, who found such conviction in her Ilham (intuition) that she floated her child in the river and kept it a secret. In other words, a certain tranquillity or calm descends. Similarly, when the seeker brings the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) and the Lights of all Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) onto his Qalb(Heart) and concentrates towards Allah-swt, he is blessed with Rabitah(connection), and the Lights rise from the Qalb(Heart) and reach the Arsh-e Azeem (the Divine Throne). The Zikr(Remembrance of Divine Being) is also done in a way that the word Allah should enter the Qalb(Heart) but on breathing out the word Hoo should strike the Arsh-e Azeem. In this manner, a very bright path of light is established between the Qalb(Heart) of the seeker and the Arsh(Divine Throne), which becomes the means for the Rooh(Soul) to travel to the Higher Realm. A lot of concentration and effort is devoted to it because it is the strength of the Rabitah(connection) that affords the Rooh(Soul) the strength to fly. The actual abode of the Rooh(Soul) is the Aalam-e Amr (the Realm of Command), which is above the nine Arsh; as such it returns towards its original (home). And this is the (real) success that it should rise above worldly pollution and safely reaching its actual abode it should advance towards Divine Union. Therefore, Rabitah(connection) is the first connection which is established with the Arsh-e Azeem, although, this too, is bestowed by Allah-swt. Like it has been stated: He loves them; they love Him. (Al Maida: 54)(Chapter of Holy Quran) That is, Allah Kareem loves them and they love Allah Kareem: How can a lowly slave possibly love Allah-swt, unless the All Independent-swt loves him first? However there is a certain etiquette to achieve this: „Follow me: Allah will love you‟. (Aal-e „Imran: 31) That is; if you follow me (the Holy Prophet-saws), Allah will love you. This (verse) underscores „obedience‟ to the Holy Prophet-saws, and as Zikr-e Qalbi(Remembrance of Divine Being by Heart) is so greatly emphasised and highlighted at numerous instances, thereafter, when a person becomes attentive towards Allah-swt, that is (what is known as) „following‟ the Sunnah. The Method is to let the breathing be restored to its normal pace, which previous to now is practiced quickly and vigorously on all the seven Lata‟if(SPiritual Organs), and after spending some time on the Qalb(Heart) in order to concentrate all the heat, light, and beneficence there, one should concentrate towards Allah-swt. Now with the breathing restored naturally, the word Allah should descend with every breath into the Qalb(Heart), whilst every outward breath should carry the word Hoo to strike the Arsh-e Azeem (the Divine Throne), these lights then grant a connection with Allah Kareem and a road, or call it a broad, strong and luminous Path, is formed from the Qalb(Heart) to the Divine Throne, and thus a lowly earthling gets connected with the Divine Throne. After it grows strong, and the Lata‟if (Spiritual Organs) are illuminated to provide it with power, the Maraqbah Ahadiyyat (Station of Spiritual Path) is conducted.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Rabitah(Connection) – Meditation

After doing Zikr(Remembrance of Divine Being) on Latifah(Spiritual Organ) Qalb(Heart) for some time, the method of Zikr changes. Previously, it was Pas Anfas, meaning that when a breath is drawn inside the body, it should take (the word) ‘Allah’ into the Qalb(Heart) and when it comes out it should strike (the word) ‘Hoo’ on the Latifah(Spiritual Organ) under Zikr. However, now the breath going in will, as before, continue to take the word ‘Allah’ inside the Qalb(Heart), but the breath coming out will strike the word ‘Hoo’ onto the ‘Arsh (the Divine Throne). This practice is called Rabitah(Connection), that is establishing a connection with the ‘Arsh(Divine Throne), while remaining on the earth. The Rooh(Soul) is from the Realm of Command, therefore when the Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs) become illuminated, the Rooh(Soul) dominates the body, which then starts fulfilling its worldly affairs according to the Shari‘ah, due to which both this world and the Akhirah(Hereafter) are ameliorated. The Rooh(Soul) attains the capacity to establish a connection with ‘Aalam-e Amr and thus begins its journey towards its station and home. ‘Aalam-e Amr starts from above the ‘Arsh, therefore the Rooh(Soul) has yet to cross the vastness of the ‘Arsh(Divine Throne). Even the ‘Arsh has nine levels, which are known as nine ‘Arsh and the vastness of each of them is immeasurable. It should be remembered here that while such excellence demands sound belief and righteous conduct, it is also dependent upon the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). An accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) receives this strength from the blessed Qalb(Heart) of the Holy Prophet-saaws, through his Masha’ikh(Spiritual Teachers) and it is this strength that reforms the conduct as well. Therefore, after doing Zikr on the Lata‘if(Spiritual Organs), full attention is focused on the Rabitah(Connection), which serves as the path or channel for the Rooh’s(Soul) journey towards the Higher Realm (‘Aalam-e Bala).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Maraqbaat – Meditations

Maraqbah (Meditation) means to sit with full concentration and a lowered head. The purpose being, with closed eyes and lowered head, to completely concentrate on the objective and receive or absorb the feelings of the station being concentrated on. Hence, after doing the Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs), the Maraqbaat(Meditations) are practised.

The best form of Maraqbaat (Meditations) is that one should attain bright and clear Mushahidaat (spiritual visions), for which Mujahidah (effort/endeavour) is a pre-requisite. Mujahidah is an effort, if adopted even by a Kafir (non-believer), he can also gain visions of this physical (world), because Iman (Faith) is not a requirement to observe worldly events. Iman is required only for observing the realities of the Higher Realm and the Akhirah (Hereafter). If someone has the wealth of Iman and Mujahidah both, he may start experiencing Mushahidaat(Spiritual Observations), even in the absence of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). However, it is another matter that, once the faculty of Mushahidah(Spiritual Observation) develops, Shaitan(Satan) may pluck him, because in the absence of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), one cannot understand by oneself, which direction to go or what to do. The second fact is that in the absence of Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention), one may acquire Mushahidaat(Spiritual Observations), but certainly not Maraqbaat(Meditations). With reference to Maraqbaat(Meditations), it is necessary that the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is available. Else, if one starts travelling in the right direction towards Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path), with the speed of the Rooh(Soul), instead of the speed of light, it would take fifty thousand years to reach Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path). Therefore, the Maraqbaat (Meditation) cannot be attained by oneself. It is only the Tawajjuh (Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) that can take one to Ahadiyyat(Station of Spiritual Path) in an instant. If a seeker is blessed with Maraqbaat(Meditations) through the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of a Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), then the degree of Mushahidah(Spiritual observation) should be such that, while doing Maraqbah Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation), he should be able to see Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation), his own self and those who are present there. This is the best observation. A lesser degree is that he should see the station and experience its feelings. If he cannot see the station, he should at least see himself (his Rooh) (Soul) standing there, he should see at least one of the two. If, even this is not the case, then an even lesser degree is that he should see the lights of Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation), and when the station changes, he should start seeing the lights of the next station. Some people are granted Wajdan instead of Mushahidaat(Spiritual Observation). Wajdan is stronger and surer as compared to Kashf, and is a very superior form of intuition from Allah-swt. There is a much greater possibility of Shaitan’s(satan) interference in Kashf than in Wajdan. As Wajdan is an intuition from Allah-swt, being received directly from the Divine Being, if Shaitan(satan) tries to interfere, the light is immediately interrupted and is replaced by darkness. Thus, there is much greater protection in it than in Kashf. There is only one criterion for a normal person, seeker or a beginner to judge Wajdan. For example, a seeker has attained Maraqbah Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation) and his Rooh(Soul) gets there. Although he doesn’t have Mushahidah(Spiritual observation), but his heart feels convinced that his Rooh(Soul) is present at Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation). If this conviction is an intuition from Allah-swt and it is Wajdan, then no external reasoning can shake this conviction. However, if this conviction starts to wane, then it is his personal opinion and not an intuition from Allah-swt. In any case, Wajdan is certainly quite rare if not totally unavailable. One out of millions is blessed with this wealth of Wajdan, then that person becomes as solid as a rock. When he takes a stand, no power in the world can shake him. Try to achieve at least one of the two forms described above, and this requires a lot of attention. First, while doing the Lata‘if [Zikr on (Spiritual Organs)], try to guard every breath, so that ‘Allah Hoo’ is continuous. It shouldn’t happen that breathing continues rapidly out of habit, whilst the thoughts are wandering somewhere else. One has to make an effort to focus the thoughts at one point. It is a difficult task that has to be undertaken continuously. Continuous practice helps in developing concentration and the greater the concentration the clearer will be the visions. Once attained, it becomes second nature. It is so pleasurable and delightful that a person automatically remains attentive towards it. He becomes habitual to this pleasure and wherever he may be, whether in the market or in the home or in any company, he remains absorbed in his own pursuit. In the terminology of Tasawwuf (Sufism) this is known as ‘Solitude in a Crowd’. So, to attain this concentration, don’t let a single moment go by without Zikr(Remembrance). Expel every foreign thought from the mind and try to focus only on this point so that complete concentration is achieved and the Qalb(Heart) is firmly oriented in this direction. It gets stuck at one point so that even the Earthquake of Qiyamah(Judgement Day) cannot move it. Remember, if the Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs) are not strong and the Rooh(Soul) is taken to various stations, it will return to its original place when the person separates from the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) or when the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is withdrawn. A person can only stay at these stations when he possesses his own strength. He goes to a station with the Shaikh’s(Spiritual Teacher’s) power but stays there due to his own. After finishing the Lata‘if [Zikr on (Spiritual Organs)] with total attention and concentration, when you attend towards Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation), then forget about the earth, the heavens and even yourself and see yourself at Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation). (The Rooh (Soul) has the same appearance, the same shape and the same clothing that the body is wearing). Leaving behind every other thought and consideration, see your self at Ahadiyyat(Station of Meditation) and recite the Tasbeeh of Ahadiyyat with your full attention, thinking that the Rooh (Soul) is also reciting the Tasbeeh at this station. Similarly, when you intend proceeding to M‘aiyyat (Station of Meditation), then with the same attention and concentration, see yourself the very next moment at M‘aiyyat(Station of Meditation), and, as before, imagine that the Rooh (Soul) is reciting the Tasbeeh of Maraqbah M‘aiyyat(Station of Meditation). This is the method for doing all the Maraqbaat(Meditations).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Sufi Saint – Hz Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Shaikh Muhammad Akram Awan was born on 31 December 1934 in the village of Noorpur Sethi, about 4 km form the present headquarters of the Order, Dar-ul-Irfann Munara. He received his initial education in his village school and later entered the college at Chakwal. He spent a turbulent youth characterized by family feuds and external skirmishes. Duly dismayed by the violence and tumult, he set out in search of peace and truth. His sincere resolve was answered at the age of 24, when he met Shaikh Allah yar Khan (Sufi Teacher) at a gathering. He worked in close association with his Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), marked by unmatched sincerity and devotion, for twenty-five years. Shaikh Allah Yar Khan(Sufi Teacher) transformed the unbridled youth into a Sufi saint of high eminence, infusing deep vision and spiritual blessings into the heart of his promising student.
Shaikh Muhammad Akram Awan did not receive formal education at any religious institution. He acquired the basic Knowledge of Islamic teachings directly form his Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). Blessed with llm-al-ladunni (Knowledge form the Divine presence,) he has special insight in Tafsir (interpretation of the Holy Quran). He used to deliver regular lectures on Quranic teachings during the life of his Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) and embarked upon writing a Tafsir of the Quran, entitled Asrar-at-Tanzil, soon after his Shaikh’s death. This was in fulfillment of Shaikh Allah Yar Khan’s desire, for he could not undertake this work himself due to the enormous demands of his mission. Because of its deep spiritual insight, Shaikh Mohammad Akram’s Asrar-at-Tanzil has received wide acclaim and recognition form all schools of Islamic thought, both in Pakistan and abroad.

The Seventh Latifah, Sultan al-Azkaar (Spiritual Organ) – Exposition

In this the entire body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights). This Latifah(Spiritual Organ) also receives direct Divine Lights, which are colourless and their condition cannot be determined. The seeker can feel (spiritually perceive) them, but these cannot be described, as the feelings are indescribable. Yes one thing is certain, that every particle of the body becomes saturated with light and becomes Zakir(in constant remembrance). According to modern science the human body is made up of ten trillion cells, as though a world millions times greater that this world exists within a human body, and the life span of each cell is not more than six months. Each cell reproduces its exact replica and dies. Therefore, a human being sheds his dead cells everywhere; in his clothes, the bed he sleeps in, the places that he visits, the routes that he takes, and in six months his entire body is renewed. This cycle continues till his death, and there are millions of deaths and millions of rebirths within him during a twenty-four hour span. If there is any deformity in any of the new cells it is automatically corrected by an impulse from the brain. The scientist states that each cell contains a „book‟ (DNA) within it which details every information pertaining to the individual, even to the extent that, when his first hair will grey or when his tooth will decay. All this can be read. Subhan Allah, behold the Power of the All Powerful, the Eternal! He-swt has indeed stated the Truth: We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein. (Qaf: 16)(Chapter of Holy Quran). Even the jugular vein is composed of cells, and the Omnipotent, Who is giving life and death to millions of cells in every individual at every instant, that Being is much closer to him than his jugular vein! Therefore, when Zikr(Remembrance) is done on this Latifah(Spiritual Organ), every cell of the body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights), and when such a person says „Allah‟ once, every cell of his body chants „Allah‟ with him, in this way a beam of Noor(Light) gets attached to each cell. Imagine! No matter how fine they may be, but ten trillion strands of Noor(Light) or ten thousand billion strands light up between the human body and the Divine Arsh (Throne). Perhaps it is such people who are being referred to in the Book of Allah-swt: Their Light will run forward before them and by their right hands. (At Tahreem: 8)(Chapter of Holy Quran) That: when they walk towards the Siraat Bridge, they will be surrounded by light from all sides. At that time, those bereft of the blessing will beg for some of their light but they will reply, „It cannot be procured here, because there is no such store here. Yes, if you can, then go back to the world as it could only be obtained from there.‟ But alas, the world would have been destroyed by then and they would not be able to receive anything except bitter regrets. Fortunate indeed are those who find someone in this world who can illuminate their Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs). This is a very great Divine Favour! So in this manner, with the Seventh Latifah(Spiritual Organ) – Sultan al-Azkaar, the entire being, every particle of the body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights) and emits the chant of Allah Allah. This has a tremendous influence on one‟s practical life. Firstly. It strongly reinforces one‟s faith and belief. Secondly. The work potential is greatly enhanced, and such a person is able to do the work that cannot be accomplished by many people working together. In addition, comprehension is refined and work proficiency is also endowed. By Divine Grace, one is granted the strength to keep away from disobedience of Allah-swt, and if by chance a mistake is made the Lights diminish, and that directs one towards repentance. The matter is redressed by more effort and the Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). The Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) of the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is, in reality, a reflection of the Prophetic Lights and can accomplish so much, which cannot perhaps be achieved by centuries of individual effort. In this manner, these seven Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs) become an immense treasure trove. Previously the Masha‟ikh(Spiritual Teachers) would make the seeker work on them for over fourteen years. It was Hazrat Ji-rua , who made it easy, that in one Tawajjuh(Spiritual attention) he would illumine all seven Lata‟if(Spiritual Organs), and that is truly amazing. However, one thing must be remembered, that the importance of effort and endeavour remains established as ever, because nothing can be achieved without due effort. Those fortunate ones, who realize its value, utilize their whole effort with full sincerity (to achieve it). These Azkaar (plural of Zikr) cause to develop sound beliefs and righteous conduct. And this is the objective that, the belief be corrected and the conduct be reformed. It is indeed a very great Favour from Allah-swt .

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

Sultan al-Azkaar (Spiritual Organ)

After this the seventh Latifah (Spiritual Organ) is Sultan al-Azkaar. Here, every cell of the body becomes Zakir(Infused with Divine Lights) and the Divine Lights descend on it. According to the scientists there are about 2.5 trillion cells in a human body. Imagine a body that houses 2.5 trillion lamps illuminated with Divine Light, and every cell chants ‘Allah, Allah’ several times in each breath and beat. Such a body receives Divine Protection and is blessed to adhere to the Shari‘ah during its whole life. It is something altogether different that, those not conversant with the Shari‘ah or of its obligations may criticize him as a habit; yet, by Allah’s Grace he is granted the capacity to do righteous deeds. His sleeping or awakening, earning or eating, friendship or enmity, on the whole every aspect of his life conforms to the Shari‘ah. All of this is the wonderful effect of the Nisbat (connection) with an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher). It is for this reason that, the Sufis have greatly praised the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), both in their poetry and prose. Even then, the fact is that, an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) cannot be praised enough. If this is the standing of an accomplished Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher), then how exalted will be the status of the Holy Prophet-saaws! And Masha’ikh (Spiritual Teachers)pride themselves with being compared to the blessed dust on his-saaws shoes. When all seven Lata‘if (Spiritual Organs) are illuminated the body turns into a walking treasure trove of Divine Lights and Refulgence. After doing this Latifah(Spiritual Organ), the whole Tawajjuh(attention) is directed back to the first Latifah(Spiritual Organ), the Qalb(Heart).

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)

The Sixth Latifah, Nafs (Spiritual Organ) – Exposition

This Latifah(Spiritual Organ) is located in the forehead that is placed on the ground when performing Sajdah (prostration). The human body has been created from clay, fire, water and air. Nafs(Ego) comes into being out of these four elements. Since it is created through the combination of material elements, therefore, it is basically inclined towards material pleasures. However, if one is blessed with Faith, his Rooh(Soul) becomes alive, and as the Rooh(Soul) grows stronger, the condition of the Nafs(Ego) also undergoes a corresponding change. (Good) Deeds are necessary for (maintaining) Iman (Faith), and sincerity and obedience to the Holy Prophet-saws are necessary for (acceptance of) deeds. This strengthens Iman, and as Iman continues to become stronger, the condition of the Nafs(Ego) also improves. The Quran has mentioned its three degrees: First: Nafs-e Ammarah. It is indifferent to the concept of Deen and Iman(Faith), goodness and sin and remains lost in worldly pleasures. Without caring about the legal or illegal (permitted and prohibited) aspects, it sets up the attainment of pleasure and wealth as its sole objective. This usually happens while in a state of Kufr(Disbelief). Second: Nafs-e Lawwamah. When blessed with Faith, one also receives the ability to distinguish between good and bad, and the Nafs(Ego) tries to do good but due to its intrinsic nature it also indulges in evil, but after doing wrong it realises the mistake and reproaches itself and repents. Now, it could be argued here that some Kuffaar also do good deeds, like constructing hospitals or water reservoirs or helping people, but here it is important to remember that they neither believe in Allah-swt nor in the Holy Prophet-saws and nor in the Hereafter. So the object of whatever apparent good they do, is to acquire the world (worldly benefits), whether it be wealth or fame. Sometimes they believe that their good acts will repel some worldly affliction. Thus they do not deliberately do good per se because their Nafs is Ammarah. However, if a person possesses Faith, and is not a Muslim simply for demographic purposes, he can certainly distinguish between right and wrong. He considers the doing of good as obeying the Command of Allah-swt and the Holy Prophet-saws and for (his future benefit in) the Hereafter. If he falters, he reproaches (scolds) himself and regrets his action. This regret is called Taubah (Repentance), which prevents him from further evil. Third: Nafs-e Mutma‟innah. Faith, obedience and adherence inculcate sincerity and the Nafs(Ego) advances to become Nafs-e Mutma‟innah, meaning that a man feels afraid of sinning and inclines more and more towards doing good. His worship and recitation (of the Holy Quran) increase, and with great enthusiasm and zeal he conducts his affairs in practical life. He not only does good himself, but because of him, thousands of lost and wayward people find guidance, they repent and turn towards righteousness. And that is the (real) purpose of life. There is a misconception that the Aulia Allah(Friends of Divine Being) renounce the world, live in seclusion in jungles and do no work at all. This is incorrect. Actually, having noticed some very special and highly elevated Aulia Allah(Friends of Divine Being) surrounded by the multitude, the rulers of the day banished them from cities and prohibited all meetings with them. Some very great names like Bayazid Bustami-rua are also included in these. But people started considering every useless lunatic as a Wali Allah(Friend of Divine Being), otherwise the amount of work the Aulia(Friends of Divine Being) and Sufis do in their lifetime cannot be achieved by others, as blessings pervade their courage and work potential and these blessings emanate from the Holy Prophet-saws and are reflected down through the breasts of the Sahabah-rau, the Taba‟een, the Tab‟a Taba‟een and arrive at the Masha‟ikh, from where they reach the hearts of the sincere seekers of truth. Divine Lights descend on this Latifah(Spiritual Organ), which sometimes illuminate both worlds and sometimes nothing can be perceived. It is impossible to describe, verbalise, or pen their character (essence) and associated feelings. These can be perceived by only those who have been granted this blessing. Yes, their effect in practical life is that disobedience starts tasting bitter, and if due to human nature, some mistake is made the regret is enormous; and righteousness becomes the desired goal. Owing to a great Divine Favour, man is not a slave of his habits like animals, but possesses the ability to effect changes in his habits and character according to the likes and dislikes of his Qalb(Heart). When his Qalb(Heart) receives Divine Lights and is acquainted with the everlasting pleasure of Divine Nearness, then his personal preferences become subservient to the preferences of the Holy Prophet-saws and this change in personal preferences initiates a very beautiful transformation in his character and habits. Although he does not become an angel, for he is after all only a human being, nor becomes innocent (free) from making any mistakes, because innocence is the attributes of Prophets only; yet, these blessings protect him from making mistakes as he is granted Divine Protection from sin, and he is constantly turning to Allah-swt and remains concerned about the betterment of his Akhirah(Hereafter). Thus he is blessed with success in this world and the next, and this is a very great favour of Allah Kareem. Keep in mind that all knowledge granted to man, whether pertaining to this world or to the Hereafter has been received through the Prophets-as. Therefore, the beneficence bestows not only the aptitude for knowledge, but its treasure troves are also laid open for him. In fact, success in the Hereafter is related to Iman and fulfilling all worldly affairs in accordance with the Sunnah of Holy Prophet-saws and in the manner advised by him, and the Nafs-e Lawwamah proceeds in this direction, and if by Divine Grace it acquires the status of Nafs-e Mutma‟innah, then Subhan Allah, (his lives in) both worlds are ameliorated . Fortunate indeed are such people, in this world as well as in the next. May Allah Kareem Grant this wealth to all Muslims! Ameen! It is a strange concept: it is believed that the Aulia Allah(Friends of Divine Being) are some different type of human beings. According to the Book of Allah every believer possesses a degree of Wilayah(Friendship with Divine Being), and so basically, every believer is a Wali Allah(Friend of Divine Being). Allah is the Friend of the Believers. (Al Baqarah: 257)(Chapter of Holy Quran). Allah is the Wali(Friend) of every believer. Now, effort and righteousness polish this Wilayah(Friendship with Divine Being) even more. Some people achieve such greatness that they become the means of illuminating thousands of other souls. Without doubt, their status is very great; however, basically every believer does receive a part of this wealth. Then some unfortunate ones lose it by their bad deeds, but remember that when this virtue is lost then Iman(Faith) does not remain safe either, and such people join some erring sect and lose their Faith. May Allah-swt keep us under His Protection from such situation! Ameen! Since this Latifah(Spiritual Organ) receives Refulgence from Allah Kareem, neither their colour nor their state (condition) can be determined. It is but a Noor (Light) that sometimes illuminates everything and every side, while sometimes nothing is perceived at all; yes, the light and warmth can surely be felt. The shining light of guidance Also the heat of activity The vigour and the dynamism With men true, you will ever see But, the mean, the lowly, the inactive Will coin excuses, shamelessly Meaning, if the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is real and accomplished, then one receives light and warmth, but if the Shaikh(Spiritual Teacher) is not accomplished, then there will be no feelings: all he will do is fob off with shameless excuses.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (RH)