The Fourth Latifah, Khaffi (Spiritual Organ) – Exposition

This is located in the chest above the second Latifah(Spiritual Organ); Hazrat Isa-(Jesus)as‟s lights descend on it from the fourth Heaven and are dark blue in colour. Allah Kareem has said that the likeness of Hazrat Isa(Jesus)-as is as that of Hazrat Adam-as . The similitude of Isa(Jesus) before Allah is as that of Adam. (Aal-e Imran: 59)(Chapter of Holy Quran). The reason is that there are many similarities between them not just in their creation but also in their excellences, as well as in their blessings. Just as Hazrat Isa(Jesus)-as‟s birth was by an Act of Allah-swt and there was no other apparent factor; similarly many affairs of a seeker keep getting resolved naturally, by themselves. Just as Hazrat Isa(Jesus)-as declared as an infant, the Oneness of Allah-swt (Divine Unity), his Prophethood, and the affairs of this world and of the Hereafter, similarly the seeker is granted with special knowledge from Allah Kareem, without any apparent means. There are countless miracles associated with Hazrat Isa(Jesus)-as that are also mentioned in the Holy Quran. The seeker too gets a share of these feelings and he receives the courage to propagate the Truth. He is granted Divine protection from the enemies of Truth and bestowed the ability to perform worship and Zikr(Remembrance of Divine Being). The greatest blessing is that he is granted the courage and strength to support Truth and remove falsehood, because the system of the universe has been established on justice. It is the law of nature that a balance is necessary for every act and for everything. Take something as simple as a dish of dhal(pulses) and bread; a slight imbalance in the spices will make the dish unpalatable. Any increase or decrease in the constituents of a medicine will cause harm rather than benefit to the patient. Similarly, a balance is maintained between (the forces of) light and darkness in the affairs of the world. If only forces of darkness prevail, the entire system of the universe would collapse. For example, if the night continued forever, no work would get done. Like the day and night, a balance exists everywhere and in everything. So, while millions of people commit evil, Allah-swt also raises such people, each of whom possesses such high level of character and blessings, that the (Divine) Lights descending on him counter the gloom of the people‟s evil. After the Holy Prophet-saws, his Sahabah(Companions), the Taba‟een, the Taba Taba‟een, the Aulia Allah(Friends of Divine Being) and the Ulama-e Rabbani (the Righteous Religious Scholars) have been endowed with this blessing. In short, this is how the system is running. However, what is amazing is that Hazrat Isa(Jesus)-as was raised alive to the Heavens and will descend once again to the world in its last days and serve as the cause of domination of Truth. One aspect of its wisdom understood by this humble soul is that, an era will dawn in the world in which the darkness of evil will increase to a level that the lights of Wilayah(Friendship of Divine Being) will not be able to dispel it, and for this (purpose) the light of Prophethood will be required. But, Prophethood has been completed and there is to be no new Prophet. However, Allah Kareem is the Rabb; He-swt is aware of all requirements and also fulfils them. Therefore, by His Grace He-swt raised Hazrat Isa(Jesus)-as to the Heavens; he-as will return to the earth at that time of need and will re-establish the Shariah of the Holy Prophet-saws. His strength and the intensity of his lights will be of Prophetic status that will defeat the forces of darkness. By doing Zikr(Remembrance of Divine Being) on the fourth Latifah(Spiritual Organ), these blessings also descend on the seeker and he stands forth like a tower of light against the dark forces of Kufr(Disbelief), Shirk(Polytheism) and sin. And this is such a great blessing which cannot even be imagined. However, the prerequisites for its attainment are: Halal(Honest) earnings and food, speaking the truth, sincerity of intention and effort, and thereafter one can observe the spectacle of Divine Grant! My friend, one can write aplenty, but the object is not to increase the volume of the book, but to make you understand; and I think that, by the Grace of Allah-swt , enough has been written for the purpose of understanding.

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan